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A Bit of This and That

Posted by deckard47 on April 22, 2009

Yesterday threatened to be one of those days when I got o work done, but I managed to finish an article. Amazing. While yesterday also threatened to be a Witcher day, it ended up being a Crysis: Warhead, Sacred 2, and Far Cry 2 night. I basically summed up my Warhead feelings yesterday, so there’s not much to add. Oh, I guess I should say that the opening cutscene was one of the most hilariously nonsensical introductions to a game that I’ve ever seen. I think I’ll just mutter “maximum strength” to myself next time I walk up the stairs or open my car door.

Sacred 2, now powered by my new computer, is a fun, fluid experience. Like Titan Quest before it, it’s simple and fun to get into, but deep enough upgrade-wise to keep me going. I’m playing a Druid this time, not an Egyptian robot-dog. Everything must end, I suppose. I’m annoyed that the whole reason for me going back to it (Tom Chick mentioning a new patch) is not available to me. The patch doesn’t recognize my install, and I can’t autopatch. Is it because I have a review copy, guys? This shouldn’t be an issue.

Finally, Far Cry 2 annoyed me by informing me that unbeknownst to myself, I had “mercy killed” my best buddy, Ferenc. Um, when did that happen? I got him safely through the last mission… Maybe he died walking home? Why would that kill be attributed to me? Anyway, I have a new buddy, who is less Euro-sexy sweatshirt and more “wordly mercenary.” I guess I can’t do anything about it, since I have no old saves, but it’s annoying that a guy I spent a lot of time making friends with is dead, and the game didn’t inform me until I wondered why he wasn’t in the bar, 5 missions later. Whatever, Ubisoft.

Also, tried out MGS4. Um. Wow. I want to say some stuff, but that belongs in a different post, with a cleverer heading. I know I’m late to this game, so if you don’t care/hate me for not liking it/really, really don’t care, just don’t read the next post. It’ll be long.

Tonight, Sacred 2, a bit more MGS4, if I’m feeling like being annoyed/puzzled, and possibly Pacific Rift with Owen.


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