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GoG Are Villains

Posted by deckard47 on April 21, 2009

They’re having a Fallout compilation sale. Read this:

  • 3 original soundtracks in MP3
  • 9 hi-res wallpapers
  • More than 300 artworks from all games
  • Fallout Bible with special introduction by Chris Avellone (205 pages)
  • Set of avatars
  • 3 original manuals and reference cards

That cuts right to my evil heart. A special introduction by Chris Avellone? Soundtracks? Artworks and wallpapers? 3 original manuals, the kind they don’t make anymore and that I long for day and night? I hate you GoG. This would not only net me all of that cool stuff, but also Fallout Tactics, which I think about a lot these days. It’s tough being me, sometimes.


4 Responses to “GoG Are Villains”

  1. Sold! They should make you a GoG PR boy.

  2. deckard47 said

    They should. Except I’d only ever try and sell the things I liked. I could be a selective salesperson. I think they get fired after a day.

  3. But don’t they only sell “critically acclaimed” works? Don’t you love everything called “critically acclaimed” like everybody else? Like Beyond Good & Evil, the most tactful and innovative 3D action puzzler of the last ten years?

    ..can you tell I’m writing a fairly negative review of Beyond Good and Evil at this very moment?

  4. deckard47 said

    Really. I liked it a lot, I wouldn’t say it was AMAZING, but I liked it a lot. When will this review of yours be out? Oh, and I just realized that you might have a different stake in the game than I do. So, let me know when the review’s done?

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