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Hype/News/Impressions: 2 Things!

Posted by deckard47 on April 14, 2009

I stumbled across two interesting things today.

The first is an article on 1up’s RPG blog, about the Mass Effect 2 panel at GDC. I’ve seen the video before, but the writeup they did is really interesting. Apparently there was originally a whole extra mission/planet for Liara’s introduction (akin to the Feros or other large mission planets), but it was scrapped at the last minute due to its bad quality. This is really too bad, and explains why the mission to pick up Liara is so brief when compared to the others. It’s also too bad that they completely scrapped it. I’d love to see what it was like, flaws and all, because I’m sure it would still be really interesting. Really, this is just an excuse for me to wonder dreamily about Mass Effect 2. What will it be like? I’m so excited, and I have to wait so long for it.

Second, an article by L. B. Jeffries at my beloved Popmatters, discussing what’s so cool about Far Cry 2. It contains spoilers, as I found out to my detriment, but it also makes a lot of good points. The great thing for me right now about this game is the way it allows me to change my style of play to suite my mood. To be sure, in RPGs like  Fallout 3 I can play however I want, but it’s great to be able to do this on the fly, without having to level for 10 years before I can make a choice. As I mentioned earlier, I had thic cool stealth build all set up, but found that the game is just a little too punishing when it comes to enemy AI. They’re smarter than the simpletons in Deus Ex, Thief 3 (which I’m, playing on the new computer… more later) or even the original Far Cry. Anyway, in response I’m decking myself out with an upgraded shotgun, Mac-10, and so, a mortar launcher and machine gun. Exciting. Oh, and as Insult Swordfighting reminded me, there’s nothing like that first floppy, misfired rocket launch. It’s such a great “oh shit new plan before I die” moment, and I can’t remember anything like it recently.


5 Responses to “Hype/News/Impressions: 2 Things!”

  1. Eric said

    I always thought that it was a good thing that Liara’s mission was shorter than the rest, since the mission was required to pick up a non-optional squad member. But after thinking about it for one second, it would have been really cool if every squad member required going to a different system and fighting through a whole self-contained plot before they joined your group.

    I always thought it was kinda lame that if you met up with Wrex in the Citadel first, when you were getting ready to leave, Garrus would just show up at the docking bay elevator and say, “Hey, can I come too?”

  2. deckard47 said

    Yeah… I liked how they fit Liara into the story (and now that you mention it, independent recruiting stories for each would have been sweet), but I bet it would have been tough to make it all fit in. When you factor in Wrex’s involvement with the final planet and the Krogan there, and Kaiden and Ashley’s roles in the last planet, only Tali and Garrus got short-changed, time-wise. I hope they get substantial backstory quests/involvement boosts in the second one, since neither of them could die.

  3. There’s definitely a lot to work with for Tali, considering her people got wiped out by their own labor bots and have to live on caravan in a never-ending Oregen Trail through space.

  4. deckard47 said

    You know, I hadn’t thought of it, but a mission on their fleet/caravan/flotilla would be sweet.

  5. Alan Jack said

    Funny that you mention that first rocket-firing moment. I was very careful not to kill the chickens in the cock-fighting barn the first time I played it, but didn’t realise my rocket launcher created a realistic flame burst behind me.

    Cue a brief moment to feel sorry for the tiny, smoking, flash-cooked animals before I ran from my now burning and crumbling hiding place. 😦

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