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Impressions/Screens: More Tales From Terabyte

Posted by deckard47 on April 13, 2009

Sorry for the dry spell (which I almost spelled speel), I’ve no excuse other than that I was sick/in Boston/getting used to the new ordinateur. Now that the plague that afflicted me is losing its hold on me, it’s writing time. There’s a lot of games that I’ve been playing, thanks to the new computer.

Far Cry 2: fun, really fun, in that it takes all of the sneaking, planning, assaulting, long range awesomeness of the first game and cuts out the aliens. Also cool in that it features an upgrade mechanic that I love, because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. It also lets you create different “builds” of the main character, essentially. I’m rocking a stealth build, with a dart rifle, silenced MP5, and silenced pistol. Sweet. I also like the graphics (very much), and the acting and light story aren’t bad either. Things that annoy me: the car patrols. I don’t mind that there are car patrols on roads, I don’t mind that they are tough, and I don’t mind that there are a lot of them. I can use fast cars, stay off roads, or just walk. The problem is that the armed jeep is the most common car, and the bad guys have “armored jeep radar.” If you hop in this car, they will spot you from two sectors away and fuck you up. I think it’s cool that I have to stay off roads and use small fast cars to avoid detection. It feels interesting. It kills me that 70% of the cars I can easily get to are armored jeeps, inviting me to an asskicking. I end up walking a lot. Which is slow. Oh, and I’m not really sold on The Jackal, his ‘oh snap’ Nietzche quote at the beginning. Maybe it’s the fact that he sounds like a hilarious 10 packs-a-day Kieffer Sutherland, or the fact that he’s never that smart or insightful (and that his words of wisdom are often patently dumb), but I’m annoyed by his gravelly voiced “realism.” Maybe that’s the point? Give me a counterpoint then, some other dumbass to listen to.

The Witcher: What can I say, this game is great, and now it looks great. I’m about to hit Vizima proper, where I will be investigating murders, exploring swamps, and befriending elven rebels. Yes.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Fun, in that clunky way that it is. It’s hard to believe that this is an Obsidian game, because even their most messed up titles have been better than this (I have played KotoR 2 4 or five times, for instance). It looks pretty good, but I can’t run it on high. How old is this game? When I go out into the wilderness, it chugs. I mean, my computer isn’t top of the line, but it’s close. This shouldn’t be an issue. Curses. Also, my thief rocks. Really, like Drakensang, it’s just a distraction for the game this computer was mostly built for. Dragon Age, I’m waiting.

Drakensang: Looks great, more playable now that it’s steady, still a bit silly and clunky, but, sadly, a more enjoyable, solid experience than NWN 2, so far. I’m liking all of the gameplay much more than that in NWN 2, so unless Obsidian’s game can pick up the pace story-wise, I may be Drakensanging exclusively from now on. Weird.

Mass Effect: Did I ever say that I love this game? I hope so, because I could play it a million times. It looks much better (and this matters, trust me, for this game), and the tactical and combat commands are light years ahead of the 360 version. Bioware, I’ll say it straight: if releasing your games on consoles gets you more money, I’m happy for you. BUT. Your games are better on (good) PCs. It’s not like they’re dumber on consoles, they’re just too complicated for the system and the controller. I’m sure Dragon Age 360 will be a good game, but it’s going to pale compared to the PC version. Time to go free Liara, and start kicking ass around the galaxy, with good Shepard, who looks a bit like Errol Flynn. Win for me! Oh, and it looks this good (I had to post a screen, to prove how awesome the new comp is):

Pretty Smoke

That’s about it, I need to go get some work done, so I’ll see you later.


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  1. Sam said

    It’s like you’re rubbing that fact that I don’t have “free time” in my face. Curses!

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