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One More RE 5 Post

Posted by deckard47 on March 31, 2009

So my RE 5 article just went up over at GameSetWatch. I think it’s alright, although there are things that need editing and clarifying, I now see. Regardless, I was excited for the comments on this one. The people who comment on my blog are generally cool people, and so I didn’t expect any of them to tell me that I was just being sensitive, and that the game is after all, Set In Africa. Of course, I’d be happy if anyone wanted to argue with me, that would be super interesting. It would be, really. I figured the GSW article would get a wider spectrum of reactions. Luckily for me, Colin obliged me. Colin (the mysterious Colin) leaves this comment on GSW, sans contact info:

We get it, the game is racist. Your redundant and poorly written article offers little more than “oh noes, you shoot black people. that’s racist.”

Yes, there are stereotypical undertones present, but the virus in the game is what is making these people crazy and violent, not their heritage. Will you be writing another ineffectual article if RE6 were to take place in Beverly Hills?

Wow, Colin, you just blue my mind. Oh, and can I second Colin’s vote for Beverly Hills as the next location? Think of the new heights Capcom’s “writing” and art teams could reach, given such a setting! Please, please don’t, Capcom. I like to go to sleep at night without crying.


5 Responses to “One More RE 5 Post”

  1. Yeah I noticed a few grammar hiccups on this one. If you want an unattached editor, I can do a proofread o’ your stuff before it goes to post. Since, like, I read it all anyway 🙂 Great post overall, and glad you linked all the other discussions that’d been going on.

  2. Anonymous said

    Good article. I do agree it could have been edited down a bit, but the points are still clear. I’m almost surprised there weren’t more kneejerk reactions to the entry, but it’s probably due more to the topic not attracting as much general attention as it was.

    • deckard47 said

      Funny you should say that, but the out of the blue commentors might have been saving up their juice for when the article was posted in Gamasutra. Their is some weird thinking going on there.

  3. What’s striking is that these fucking idiots have been posting the same shit on every article about racism and RE5 for the past three months. At what point does it strike you that maybe you don’t have to repeat “Well I don’t notice things like this because I’m not racist” every time somebody fucking writes about it.

    In all honesty, though, I’d rather we moved on from this game. Your article sums up everything pretty neatly, and links to the Racalicious and Brinstar articles that are probably the most vital of the bunch–so I hope this is the end of it. Basically, everybody who had a problem with the game had a problem with it from the first screenshots, and everybody who’s an ignorant little punk fuck isn’t being convinced no matter how many articles are written. Too much wasted brainpower.

  4. deckard47 said

    It will be nice to talk about something else now. I’ve spent way too much time on it (speaking of which, it’s going back to Gamefly tomorrow). From now on, I’m only writing about how much I love RPGs by Bioware and CD Projekt. Staying focused, you know?

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