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Interview: Uncharted 2

Posted by deckard47 on March 18, 2009

Now, normally, I’d not by the one to link to an IGN article, but this interview is about Uncharted 2, so I really couldn’t resist. There’s some interesting stuff in there (and new screens, as you can see), but I liked this bit especially:

We’ve also made sure not to separate out the times when you use these new abilities from the combat sequences. We wanted to create a seamless experience of “traversal combat,” flowing freely in and out of combat as you travel through the world. That means that you’ll definitely find yourself in the middle of a firefight while running, jumping and climbing around the environment. Again, to keep things realistic, we’ve made sure that Drake can fire his gun during all of these actions. So if you’re trying to get to higher ground and an enemy is already up there shooting down at you, you can fire at him and take him out as you’re climbing your way up. This has opened up the design possibilities available to us in a massive way, since we can now throw combat into the game anywhere it looks like it will be interesting.

This is great, because I can’t honestly think of a game that mixes gunplay and platforming in a convincing, fun way. Maybe the latest Ratchet and Clank? I love the idea of swinging from a rope across a chasm shooting enemies as you swing (I’m hoping for this, they haven’t yet described a scene like this). I would really recommend reading the article, there’s some interesting stuff in there where the interviewee talks about designing a more open-world (compared to Uncharted) space in which to play. Ooooh, and check this out:

“On top of that, we’re planning on adding several features to the game that will increase replayability and extend the gameplay experience for everyone. We’ll be revealing those features at a later date, so hold tight for more info!”

The original game encouraged me to play it over again at least once (to unlock unlimited ammo, slowdown, and other cool things), so I’m sure whatever they’re adding will be cool. I’m still curious about everything else though, like the game’s story, supporting characters and basically everything they haven’t shown us yet. Also, hopefully the characters in the game won’t be quite so stereotypical as last time (except Drake, who I liked just fine the way he was). Now, pictures!:


2 Responses to “Interview: Uncharted 2”

  1. Simon Ferrari said

    You’re almost making me jealous I don’t have a PS3 (I have access to one, but I’m refraining from touching it in protest). I’m going to be honest though, having recently played Tomb Raider: Underworld I’m fairly convinced that having to shoot things while climbing would drive me insane. Of course, the save states in that game were so ridiculously spaced, so that might be what I’m afraid of. But the idea of climbing around for 5 minutes, only to be shot at by some scumbags and falling to my death – then having to restart the climb – is not something that appeals to me.

    I’m just jealous.

  2. Tom said

    Yeah, I’m sure that would piss me off too (then again, I didn’t get Tomb Raider, for a lot of other reasons). The original Uncharted was fantastically balanced though. When you died, it was because you hadn’t learned the topography of the level yet, or you’d messed up some key melee and ranged kills. Also the checkpoint system was good. If messing up and dying in Among Thieves is as fun as it was in the original, I don’t care if I’m climbing or running.

    And you should only be kind of jealous. The thing updates at 1/4 the speed of the 360, the charging plugs are 1 foot long (the charge plug I just got for the 360 battery pack is like 10 feet long), and it raises the temperature in my house by 5 degrees.

    But I love Uncharted.

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