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Septerra Tactics! Brotherhood of the Core!

Posted by deckard47 on March 17, 2009

Wait. What now? What I really mean to say is… two things. Septerra Core is going to be available soon on This is absolutely amazing. I’ve had a CD of Septerra Core for ages, and every once in a while I install it to XP and watch it freak out. I get pretty far, and then the bugs make me quit. Maybe, with this release, GoG can make the glitches go away, and I can enjoy this awesome RPG all the way through. If you don’t know what Septerra Core is about (and shame on you if you don’t!), you can check here, but I’ll sum it up for you. It features as its heroin the awesome Maya, her friend Grubb, and their robot Runner. Together (along with a large cast of characters), you’ll have to save Septerra, a series of floating world shells orbiting some kind of computer power core. It’s like a Final Fantasy game, but it doesn’t leave the same bad taste in your mouth (sorry, all of you, I have to make myself watch those games unfold, I can’t like them). Oh, and it has awesome upgrades and items, and card-based magic! I know, I can barely contain my excitement.

Second (briefly, hopefully), it’s been revealed that a sequel was proposed for Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, the Dark Alliance-esque version of the Fallout universe that came out on the original Xbox. I didn’t like it (not many people did), but apparently there’s a 30-page design doc that just surfaced, allowing us to see what the next game could have been like. That’s all well and good, but I’m still pissed that Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel didn’t get a sequel. Tell me someone else loved that game? It had that Fallout feel (and I mean the real Fallout feel, not what passes for it today), awesome tactical combat, and appearances by all of your favorite bad guys (and really beautiful 2D graphics). Every mission was a major time sink, and each of your unit became invaluable, as you leveled them up and decided what roles in your squad they could fill. Now that I think about it, I treated this game the same way I treated Baldur’s Gate 2. I’ve played it again and again, and it never gets old, just like BG2.

Sure, it didn’t feature the same amount of moral choice/exploration that F1 and F2 did, but it was their (14 Degrees East) first effort. I’m sure they could have worked that into the sequel, with an actual protagonist. It was a lot of fun, and it took part of the series in an interesting direction. There’s no reason it couldn’t coexist with Fallout in its present form (or how it might have evolved, Van Buren style). So here’s to old games that should have been bigger and weren’t, and here I do mean FT: BoS and Septerra Core. I guess today is going to be one of those nostalgia days (and a Peggle day!).

Oh, and you can get Fallout Tactics right here at GoG. What, who said that?


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