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Rock Band, Why All the Rock?

Posted by deckard47 on March 13, 2009

Rock Band, why don’t you have any Chuck Berry or Dandy Warhols? More on this tomorrow, sleep time.


8 Responses to “Rock Band, Why All the Rock?”

  1. Simon Ferrari said

    Because they’re stupid and don’t do enough genre/taste tailoring; doing so would be too expensive maybe? Also, Dandy Warhols can suck it.

    • deckard47 said

      Ha. Maybe you’re right about the cost being prohibitive, but I’d still like to have something interesting to play. I mean, Rock was around for a long time before most of the bands they have on there. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. Simon Ferrari said

    I think early rock would be a totally different game. Rock Band and GH are about the 70s-90s dream of working your way out of dives to conquer the world and do heroin. Early Rock, The Game, would be about stealing musical ingenuity from Black people.

  3. deckard47 said

    Right, but they could still try to expand. I’d appreciate hearing Chuck Berry instead of fucking Duran Duran. I mean, call it educational if you want. I’m sure a lot of people think that the white rockers of the 40s, 50s, and 60s were pioneers. Why not have a game dedicated to Rock when Rock (or whatever it decided to call itself) wasn’t yet entirely whitewashed? Oh, and RE 5, tomorrow. Are you renting or buying a copy?

  4. Simon Ferrari said

    I had to cancel Gamefly! I think I might just let the rest of the world review this one. I’m really not a fan of the gameplay videos. Not a run, stop, aim, shoot kinda guy.

  5. deckard47 said

    Yeah? I actually loved RE4’s gameplay (which is basically the same, right). I wish they’d just remade RE2 to be honest. That would have solved so many problems.

  6. Simon Ferrari said

    So I tried to get RE5 used during this buy two get one free thing GameStop had going on (this would skirt the eventuality of Capcom making money off the sale). Unfortunately, the sale ended on Sunday and a re-sold copy of the game didn’t pop up until Tuesday. So now I’m down a copy of Saint’s Row 2, RE5, and Tales of Vesperia… but I’m up 110 dollars.

  7. deckard47 said

    That’s alright (about all of those games, especially if you’ve explored SR 2 fully). I’m sure there’s something coll to be bought for less than that. Speaking which, I picked up another 360 controller and a charging pack. They came in the most devilish casing. I swear, I needed adamantium claws or diamond lasers or some shit to reach them.

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