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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!


Posted by deckard47 on March 12, 2009

Is the real deal. Want fear you can’t forget? Buy Silent Hill: Homecoming. Seriously, I’m dead set on playing it (and replaying it, in this case), but I can’t. There’s no one else in the house, and no one likes talking to me on the phone when I’m concentrating on killing Lurkers or Spiney guys or whatever. It’s much worse than Siren: Blood Curse, probably because I play Blood Curse like a tactical sneaker (as you mostly have to). Sure, it’s atmospheric, but it’s got nothing on knowing that weird pale knife-hand things are just an ace haft away from you. Before i get to today’s main event (or maybe one of the main events?), I thought I’d point out that I’m downloading both the Wanted and Wheelman demos on Live. not only does this tickle my alliterative fancy, but they’ll hopefully be entertaining offerings. At least I won’t have to watch Morgan Freeman, Jolie and McAvoy (who I like, check out State of Play, where he’s wonderfully and pallidly rakish) “act” for two hours.

Anyway, in preparation for RE 5‘s release, Kotaku has decided to dip its toes in the racism debate again. They’ve done so by linking to two articles, one an MTV interview with the project leader for RE 5‘s cutscenes, and another from the Wall Street Journal. The MTV one is alright, at first, until the guy just up and says this:

I can’t speak for everybody. Everybody is different and has different sensitivities, but for me, I feel it’s balanced and I feel like we tell the story accurately the way it was written. It’s set in Africa, and we did our best to not just make it be, “OK, here’s a white guy shooting black people.”

There’s a black woman — Sheva is fighting for her country and trying to defend these people who are infected with the virus. I think the actual story, the characters — how bigger-than-life they are and how kick-ass they are and their relationship — transcends that issue.

Ummmmm, ok. “There’s a black woman.” Yes! Yes there is. Her skin is not as white as Chris’ skin (Chris, who looks like a murdering alien bounty hunter or some shit. Check out his face, it’s worse than his arms)! Just like the enemies’ skins! That’s some next level shit there. Really (and less smart-assedly) though, if they’re gonna use Sheva as a defense, they’d better get in line. People have and will continue to use black characters to cover their asses when they’ve knowingly fucked up in other racially related areas. It’s almost funny how adamant, how sincere they are. “No, really, she’s black, don’t you guys see!? It’s balanced.” All I can say is, if they think this is going to make a difference, they’re wrong. This is going to kick their asses every which way, and the longer it takes for the whole gang (and by this I mean gamers who have yet to tumble to the fact that one of their beloved franchises is unavoidably, unquestionably in very bad taste, and extremely offensive, no matter how you slice it) to catch on, the longer we hurt ourselves. Let’s face it, there are tons of people saying what I’m saying (as I mentioned in a previous post… you can google this, and find tons of discussions that don’t center on how “it’s set in Africa, after all”), more eloquently, but a large percentage of gamers just don’t give a fuck. Will they ever?

Wow, that got parenthetical, fast. Well. So WordPress just deleted the last 10 minutes of writing, after the above stuff was written. I am unhappy. Here’s the Washington Post one, I’m too tired to sum it up (aside from saying that it’s alright, but doesn’t really break any new ground). WordPress, I hate you. I’ve been less of a blogger lately, for which I apologize. Tomorrow, when I hate WordPress less, I’ll write more. Goodight.


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