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Shapeshifters, Silent Hills

Posted by deckard47 on March 9, 2009

A) Been playing a lot of Silent Hill: Homecoming. I like it a lot. I like the combat, the ludicrous plot, and the setting. I like the monsters, who are very scary. I like how the melee combat works. What’s not to like? You can’t invert the y-axis. No, I’m not fucking kidding. This has been a standard option in games for a whole decade. Sure, you can (IF you are using a firearm) go into inverted precision-targeting, but exploration and melee combat (which make up the bulk of gameplay) are highly frustrating for an inverted veteran like me. This is unacceptable. How did this happen? Would it really be that hard to have added an option that switched the two fucking inputs? I don’t know.

B) Prince of Persia DLC. I like it, so sue me. I like the larger puzzles and slightly more complicated layout, I like the harder, longer, platforming, and I like (for all of its brevity) the new extended Elika/Prince conversations. What I hate? The Shapeshifter. I hate that I have to kill his first form (the Soldier) to get him into a form (the Hunter) that can be damaged. I hate that that second form lasts only a short time, and then he’s back in invincible Soldier mode. It’s not fun. There’s no other way about it. I’m aware that making a whole new monster would have been costly and time-consuming, but I’d wait for an enemy that was fun to fight. Shit, I’d have fought the Concubine again, or the Alchemist. Just don’t make them a half-and-half invincible fighting team! Still, let me be clear, I liked a lot of it. I especially dug the wider, more spread out puzzles. Oh, and the “world creating” pads were awesome. Basically, when you activate them, they create magical, temporary walls, platforms and other structures. It gives the platforming a malleable, changeable feeling, kinda like the goo gun in Ratchet and Clank. Anyway, I liked it a lot, despite that damn Shapeshifter. Oh, and I thought it was the most out of place, hilarious thing when the Prince, mid-flight, exclaimed “What a rush!” What the hell is he, an Xtreme sportsman? Anyway, good times, despite these two game having their issues. Until later.


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