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Steel Skies, Sirens, Odin (and his Spheres!) and of Course, Empire

Posted by deckard47 on March 9, 2009

I’ve been playing a lot of survival horror recently, not just in the form of Code Veronica (btw, if Capcom announces a cool new remake for the Wii, I will be really angry, exciting as my bargain bin purchase of the PS2 version was) and Homecoming, but also Siren: Blood Curse. I’m happy to say that it’s interesting, and definitely different than anything else I’ve played recently. On a side note, I really like the music that accompanies the main menu screen. It’s very chill, in a creepy, horror-game kind of way. Similarly, the soundtrack to Homecoming is pretty rocking. Some of it is creepy and full of pumping weirdness, but some of it could also be from a less hokey version  of Bladerunner. So, I’m pleased with both games. Lucky me.

Second, I just downloaded ScummVM (how did I not do this earlier? Who knows), and picked up the free Beneath a Steal Sky. I’m really excited to try other games, especially the Kyrandia games (which I loved so much, back in the day), and the Broken Sword games. On the other hand, maybe I should wait for that Broken Sword Wii remake? Decisions, decisions.

The last two items I need to toch on are: I just picked up Odin Sphere, but I don’t think I’ll be getting to it any time soon. Too much surviving and horroring for me, for a while. Lastly, as I told yo earlier, Owen and I rocked A New Hope last night. I hope that tonight we’ll be hitting up Empire, but we’ll see. Back to work!


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