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Blog Banter: Gaming Together, Maybe?

Posted by deckard47 on February 28, 2009

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I’ve always been a bit leery of letting others know what my favorite activity is (besides eating gummy bears and watching movies with Clive Owen, that is). Now that I’m trying to write about video games professionally, I really can’t avoid it. At parties, or dinners, or meetings, I always end up having to discuss “what I do.” Mostly I half-ass it, telling them I’m an “entertainment journalist,” whatever that is. When one lives in a college town, and one talks about one’s video game journalism career, the blank stares one receives on the topic are surprisingly many.

I’ve been lucky then, to be with a person who not only respects my choice to write about games, but entertains my obsession with them. She is not, for the most part, a big gamer. When she plays games these days, it’s something to pass time (procrastinate) when she’s working. Aside from Spider Solitaire, apparently the falling sand game is fun? Anyway, this isn’t to say that she has never been party to other forms of gaming. She actually started gaming at a much younger age than me. My first system (if you will) was a Mac, running OS 7 or something, on which I played Dark Forces, Descent, Heroes II, X-Wing, and others. Her first system was the Atari which she played throughout her early life. Apparently she played a lot of games on it, but it’s never been a particularly important set of memories for her.

These days, I’m not exactly champing at the bit to convince her to play games. If she wants to, she will, and every once in a while she tries something out that I’ve just picked up. Most notably, she beat Professor Layton, something I’ve never done, she plays Rock Band a good deal (when the band is together), and she really liked Motorstorm (which was a shame, given that it had no splitscreen). Oh, and she’ll play a bit of Mario Kart and Boom Blox, if the occasion calls for it (and who wouldn’t?). She is mostly amused by my games (and how could she not be, seeing me play Crackdown or Saints Row 2), but it’s much more important to me that she accept my gaming than that she be enamored of games themselves. Even she admits that her completionist nature might be dangerous, if she got sucked into games. She, after all, can’t give the excuse that she’s working while playing them. We haven’t exactly played a lot of games together, per se, with the exception of Mario 64 DS‘s Shell Bowling (we took turns). It’s quite possible that some day in the future she’ll pick up some game, realize she likes it, and kick my ass at it. Gotta pick up that Pacific Rift demo, I think.

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7 Responses to “Blog Banter: Gaming Together, Maybe?”

  1. Sam said

    Hey, what about that other semi-serious gamer you live with? Speaking of which, Qlive? And also, gamefly that pac rift shit.

  2. deckard47 said

    Yes on Qlive. Ans on Pacific Rift (when I’m done with Burnout). And the prompt was about significant others. I’m not dating you. I’ll set Qlive to download while I’m out to Dim Sum.

  3. Mmm Descent. Classic. My wife’s Grandfather spent a lot of time playing NES (Duck Hunt) so my wife did get some console exposure there for awhile before we met, but by the time we had met she had moved to the mindset that “video games are for kids.” It’s taken me a few years to help her move away from that.

  4. bs angel said

    I agree, the support of passions and preferred past times is much more important than actually sharing the same interest. My husband is quite tolerant of both my gaming and my blogging, and for that I am grateful. I wouldn’t ask for anything more (especially since I hate split screen, LOL!).

  5. Sam said

    Hey, I’m significant and an other. Shit, your profile pic is my old cat who you never even met.

  6. deckard47 said

    It’s the gaming cat.

  7. If she’s a completionist then she better stay away from RPGs! Some are capable of driving people nuts.

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