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This is What Happens When You Read Gaming News at Work

Posted by deckard47 on February 24, 2009

So I found all of these articles on RE 5, and despite my feelings about the game, the reminded me of two things: what I liked so much about the 4th one, and what I like so much about co-op games. So now, what do I do? I know this game will be offensive and alarming and what-the-fuck all over the place. The fact that even the mainstream gaming journalism circuit is noticing means something. It means that whatever is beyond the demo, it’s fucking bad. I look to two articles, one by Latoya Peterson of Racialicious renown, and one by Tom Chick, over at Fidgit. They’re both smart articles, and it is, I think, a good idea to be able to both praise and critique a game, not just one or the other. Still, the question remains, if I buy it, will I be able to shoulder through the inevitable shit. I’d like to follow the example set by these two writers: they sound professional and interested, offended yet willing to examine the game all the same. I think I’ll give the demo another shot with Owen tonight, not that that will change anything.

Also it costs 60 bucks…

p.s. Starting Dead Space again. It’s so much easier on Medium (played on Hard before, which was a trying experience). Also, the opening sequence is extremely fucking professional. Well done.


5 Responses to “This is What Happens When You Read Gaming News at Work”

  1. Simon Ferrari said

    Either rent it, or wait a week and buy it used (then Capcom won’t get your money).

    Thinking I’ll buy it used, since I canceled GameFly.

    Also, have you seen the full frontal male nudity and neo-nazi Jewish protagonist of The Lost & The Damned? My mind is being blown.

  2. Simon Ferrari said

    Also, last week I got uber-pissed off when somebody barged onto Brainy Gamer and told them they were all sniveling bastards rolling in white privilege, because they were discussing whether or not they thought RE5 was racist without quoting any people of color.

    Led to me going up to every POC I knew to ask what they thought I should think about the issue. Of course, not a single person knew that the game even existed.

  3. Simon Ferrari said

    The Fable II piece is basically finished. Adding picz and references on Thursday, but the meat is all there. Tell me what you think? Also… how hard is it to get something published on GameSetWatch as a guest contributor?

  4. Simon Ferrari said

    Bah so before I wrote the piece I googled “fable 2 god game” and got nothing, so I thought my idea was unique. After writing it, I googled “fable 2 the sims” and got 20 million hits. I am a moron. Oh well, it’s still a bit special.

  5. deckard47 said

    I hate it when that happens… People are always having ideas that are uncomfortably similar to cool things I _want_ to write… At least you got yours written first. As regards GameSetWatch, your writing is interesting (and almost as important, it’s definitely unique when compared to a lot of their other stuff). I bet if you had some cool articles they’d definitely take you up on the offer.

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