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Slightly Retro Gaming: Code Veronica X and Dreamfall

Posted by deckard47 on February 22, 2009

So, as part of my effort to play things that I should have played, games that are important to forming my body of knowledge about the history of my favorite activity, I’ve purchased RE: Code: Veronica X (that’s a lot of colons) and both of The Longest Journey games. I’ve actually just completed the original TLJ, and I thought it was pretty good. I like the second one so far, for its amazingly detailed conversations (which most people thought were too much?), and its great writing. Also, is it just me or does it look amazing or an original Xbox game ported to PC? I have it set on “Ultra” graphics settings, because of my badass, 256 MB+ video card. Shit.

As for Code: Veronica, I’m not really sure why I purchased it. Sure it was only $5, but It’s not as if I love Wesker or anything. It might be that I actually enjoyed some of their games, and their newest offering has disgusted me. I guess I’m hoping that even pre-RE 4 and post Zero, Remake, and RE 2, this series can do it for me. Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Slightly Retro Gaming: Code Veronica X and Dreamfall”

  1. Simon Ferrari said

    I’m jealous that you get to do interviews for GameTopius. Ian and I have started interviewing newsgame developers, but he gets to do all the talking (I get to transcribe).

    As for the TLE games, the recent hub-bub in the comments section of the Gamasutra top-20 game writers has made me realize that I absolutely need to play Ragnar’s games. The problem for me is this: the closer videogame writing gets to the quality of the best cinematic or literary work, the more pretentious and awkward I find it. It’s like I’ve got a personal uncanny valley for game writing. It takes a damn good team to integrate the writer’s work into the game (I think Bethesda and BioWare manage this best). Everybody gushes over Levine, and I do like Deus Ex… but I’m a Bioshock detractor for some reason. Confused little boy is me.

  2. deckard47 said

    Interviewing is sweet, except when you it turns out you totally mis-guessed something (as in my Keith Nemitz interview).

    It does seem like it’s heard for TLE games to work their stories into their gameplay… They probably got away with it in the first one cause it’s more straight-up adventure, and people are used to lots of talking. The second one masquerades as a 3rd-person puzzler, and so it was probably less cool to continue the talkie-ness. Still, I’m liking it, and it really is a pretty game, 3 years later. This matters, because The Longest Journey does _not_ hold up well visually. Levine’s alright, but I’m with you on Deus Ex, Warren Spector rocks my world (I just wish he’d do it again, with better voice actors).

    Oh, and I’m 30 minutes into RE: CVX, and I’m not really getting the big deal. People always told me this was better than every other RE game, even 4. Weird.

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