Delayed Responsibility

I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Celbrate the Mass Effect News!

Posted by deckard47 on February 21, 2009

In celebration of the minuscule ME 2 trailer below (and the hilarious responses on Kotaku’s boards), I bring you a new section to the blog. Over on the right (always the right!) there is now the “recent articles” widget. You can read the more recent of my writings there, and they will change as I write new stuff for new places. As of tonight, over there is what is “hot” right now… Don’t burn yourself on it. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the writing interview for DHSGiT is with Keith Nemitz, and you should go read it, now. He’s cool, it’s cool, good writing should be recognized. Serously, go check it out, and by “it” I mean the game. Free demo!. As opposed to a demo that costs money? Whatever, go insult some gym teachers or snag some boyfriends.


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