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Dragon Age, All 6 Origins Revealed

Posted by deckard47 on February 12, 2009

Stop reading. Now. Go there, use their sweet Flash interface to check out the rocking six origins and (yes!) check out tons of origin-specific screens. An they’ll have origin-specific videos up soon! Holy shit. I’m so being a Dwarf Commoner. The most awesome one ever. Can’t talk, must go read more.

EDIT: Read all of them, they rock, that is some George R. R. Martin sht for real. I am so excited right now. Why does it have to be so far away?

Further edit: The writing for the descriptions is pretty good. I keep on stopping every sentence, realizing I just read something articulate and complete, and am amazed. It’s sad when a good command of the language shocks me in promotional materials. Go Bioware.

– Ok, there are some typos, but they’re well-written typos!

Whoah. The regular site has a TON of new stuff, from bios to shots, to creature info. The screens are from a “trailer” I’ve never seen. Where is it! I want this game so very much. This is completely unfair. I would sell my soul for this game, and it’s months away.

Okay, they have an entry on why dogs are so important to the world. Aaaaaah! I wants it! Oh, and there will be a new trailer up over at Gamespot tonight. I cannot wait.


One Response to “Dragon Age, All 6 Origins Revealed”

  1. Simon Ferrari said

    Two weeks in a row now I’ve been linked on GameSetWatch. Are you putting in a good word for me or something?

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