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Saints Row 2.. Purchased?

Posted by deckard47 on February 11, 2009

Yes, Gamefly informed me yesterday morning that I had earned 5 new Gamefly dollars. Upon examining my account, I realized that I had five more that were about to expire. With my 10% discount on Gamefly games, how could I not tell them to let me keep the odious, very fun Saints Row 2. My gaming plans for the future are actually rather vague, but it seems certain (thanks in no small part to Michael Abott’s post on the game’s upgrades) that Burnout Paradise will be featuring in them. The other soon to arrive game will be the DS version of Chrono Trigger, requested from Gamefly at Taylor’s request (two requests!). We’ll see if it’s everything he says it is. Aside from that, I’ve been a bit absent from the blog because I have a new job. I won’t go into detail about it, but I’ve been spending a lot of time reordering lists of products (mostly perfumes and beautifying products), and I’ve discovered, to my delight, that there is a whole line of products entitled “Body Butter.” Yes! One would think that there were cheaper, more dairy-centric options if one wants to make one’s body taste like popcorn, but in this case, the cows lose. Anyway, my coworkers also enjoy playing  music (which I in turn enjoy), and they’ve been playing music that fits in very well with the Fallout 3 music ethos. This is to say that for the last two days I’ve been fiddling with a website that sells various colognes and other products, trying not to think about the Wasteland. A bit more ofthe Saints for me, I think, before dinner.


7 Responses to “Saints Row 2.. Purchased?”

  1. chungkingespresso said

    I have to finally cancel my beloved Gamefly scription. I have a backlog of 10 games I’ve purchased and not played, the promise of new content for L4D, Halo 3, etc. Upcoming games like Halo Wars and RE5 that I’ll prolly buy. About 5 Arcade games I want to get more into. And enough midterm projects to choke a horse.

    Burnout Paradise is the best “car game” I’ve ever played. It’s like 20 dollars now and the DLC is all cheap a’ hell.

    Beat Chrono Trigger DS in two 15-hour sittings. If you still have a copy for the SNES you might as well play that, but meh. The new content is really only necessary if you played Chrono Cross.

    I’m assuming this job doesn’t utilize your degree?

  2. deckard47 said

    Noooo, not especially, it uses my relatively minor CS3 skills. It’s not bad at all though, and will put me back in a place to Gold XBLA it up. True about Burnout Paradise, I’m picking it back up from Gamefly and keeping it. And I never played the original Chrono Trigger and I only have a DS, so…

  3. chungkingespresso said

    Never…played…Chrono Trigger…? I didn’t know they let soccer moms write for GameSetWatch!

    I kid, I kid…

    Play it now.

  4. chungkingespresso said

    Oh BTW I read your Alone in the Dark article again yesterday and finally decided to pop it in last night when my Internets were broken and I couldn’t play Castle Crashers.

    I’m willing to let all 100 million glitches fly considering I haven’t actually wondered what the Hell was going on in a game’s story all year. The opening, with the eye blinking, was brilliant considering we’ve been talking in one of my classes about FPS games not being cinematic because of the lack of editing/cuts.

    Thanks for writing an article that encouraged me to play it finally!

  5. deckard47 said

    Sweet. I am actually very excited to check out the PS3 version. The 360 version gave me a hard fucking time, and I’d love to see what they did with the extra time, CD Projekt-style.

  6. Simon said

    I finally posted on one of your GSW columns. Tell me what ya think! ?

  7. deckard47 said

    Nice response! I responded over there first, but here it is:
    You couldn’t be more right. The easiest way for writers to “avoid” racism is to not even talk about people of color. It’s the simplest way for all mediums, people, and discussions: you include a few token characters (although, I do love Shepard Book), have them fulfill some well-worn stereotypes, and then finish by never once mentioning the gridwork of racism and oppression that many modern societies are built upon (and that Fable 2’s idyllic greenland is quite “free” of). You could definitely argue that it’s better to have games like Saints Row 2, than not to have games that address social inequality in ANY way. Still, it’s obvious that we have a long way to go before we can be proud of stories like these…

    I’m sure that games and their writing will evolve in time to show heroes of color who aren’t gangsters, and that they’ll begin to show the social inequalities that lead to crime and poverty in different and better ways than those practiced by _Saints Row 2_ We’re a long way off though, if books and movies are anything to go by.

    Oh, and I totally didn’t recognize you as “Simon” for a second 🙂

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