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Slumdog, Drake, and Purple Gangsters

Posted by deckard47 on February 4, 2009

A lot of things (and by that I mean like, three) today, but first we’ll start with the most awesome: Dev Patel was on the Daily Show last night, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow this link and watch him joking about stuff with John Stewart. He’s awesome, in the movie and in this interview, and now I want to watch the movie again. Nothing wrong with that.

Second, Naughty Dog did a lengthy interview with Gametrailers about the next Drake game, Among Thieves. It’s not a ton of crazy or exciting stuff, but it just reinforces the notion I have in my head of these people as being really talented. The way he talks about level design, gameplay and acting are just awesome, I think. Below is the first video, the second half can be found over at Gametrailers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lastly, I’m waiting waiting waiting for Saints Row 2 to arrive, because ever since I blew through Crackdown, I’ve needed a new open-world action game to have fun with. I do of course still hop back into Crackdown every once in a while to find more orbs (so addictive!), but I’ve needed something else for a while now. I tried to go back to GTA IV (shame on me), but it drove me away with how not fun it is. I hate the driving, the shooting, and the story. Oh, and the way your battleship of a fucking avatar moves. And sprints. Awful. What’s left again? Regardless, the Saints stymied me today, but I plan on creating my fabulously scabrous gangster tomorrow sometime. See you in Stillwater.

Agh, one more note, I had an absolutely awesome experience in Left 4 Dead last night. Really chill people playing (on both sides, I know, amazing), and we all had a lot of fun. I should probably check to see if Hell is frozen over.


3 Responses to “Slumdog, Drake, and Purple Gangsters”

  1. chungkingespresso said

    Dammit I’ve been waiting to play Saints Row 2 on co-op but I didn’t know anybody else who hadn’t played it yet. Oh well, you’re prolly not getting it on 360 and our busy schedules probably wouldn’t permit a 14-hour coop rampage through the game in one sitting (ah, to be an undergraduate again). Have fun with it. If you’re sold on it, I’ll rent it and play through myself – horrible achievement setup aside (basically you get less than 150 for beating it alone, over 400 for beating it in coop).

  2. deckard47 said

    I have the 360 version incoming, so if you get your hands on it let me know… Although I may not be able to play due to my awful silver membership. I’d definitely be up for some co-op, though, time constraints allowing. I’ll keep you updated.

  3. chungkingespresso said

    Ah, right. I forgot about your Silver membership. Sorry I never got around to getting onto that Warhammer demo. Been swamped… haven’t played more than 30 minutes of games a day in the past week and a half! Ughghghghgh.

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