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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Quick Thoughts

Posted by deckard47 on January 26, 2009

As you might expect, here are brief notes on things:

1. The Maw is quite cute, I like the sounds and animations, but it’s painfully slow to play (movement speed slowed down for extended game time?). I’m hoping it’ll pick up soon, I’m only a few levels in.

2. Penumbra is still scary, but now with added guard dog. Eeek.

3. Legend of the Seeker is losing me. I though I could handle the badness, but it’s so overpowering. Where’s my Sarah Connor Chronicles?

4. I can’t download the RE5 demo to scoff at? Really? I understand that Microsoft is offering a premium service, but it’s a premium service I can get from the other guys for free. Except I have to wait a week… Sigh. Back to work. Oh, and Burn Notice is silly, but Bruce Campbell is funny. Gotta go.


4 Responses to “Quick Thoughts”

  1. Simon said

    We premium servicemen pay so that Microsoft can give incentives to companies like Capcom to release stuff a week early 😛 Also, they’re doing it to ramp up 360 sales of the game because they consider PS3 owners an assured buy.

  2. deckard47 said

    Weird, I guess I hadn’t thought about the assured/PS3 thing, but guess it makes sense… As a person who didn’t hit up the RE franchise until 4 (except for a disastrous PC outing with number 2), I’ve always associated it with the Cube. Again, weird.

  3. Simon said

    Everything that makes sense is backwards in Nihon.

  4. We agree. Legend of the Seeker was not without flaws. But we watched it through to the end and are (more or less) glad we did. The show was interesting, at times exciting but not always fun.

    Here is my take on it with a little humor and lots o’ pics if you are interested.

    BTW, we also did a take on Terminator TSCC if you are interested:

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