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So Scary! Also The Maw

Posted by deckard47 on January 25, 2009

Just took a little break there (from the blogging, and surprisingly, th gaming), so now it will be back to “business” as usual. Up next on my platter of delicious games (along with all the ones I am still muddling through) are The Maw and the Penumbra Collection. I’m looking forward to the first one a whole lot, I’ve heard good things, it looks fabulous, and it just seems like it will be a kind of fun I don’t often go in for. Anyway, I plan on mawing things tonight, so wish me luck.

On th other side of the fun coin we have Penumbra, which (if you didn’t know) is a series of FPS puzzle/survivor horror game. Whoever made this game is scary. Like really scary. This video actually just shows how cool the puzzles could be, but I wanted to inform you that I got scared by watching a teaser trailer for the series. I guess it’s the weird mix of super-reactive Myst/Half Life 2 puzzles and scary dark monsters, but I think I’ll have to keep Owen in the room when I play it. Was I the only one scared by Myst? I mean, shit, the Cog world was crazy-creepy. Alright, here is a cool puzzle physics video, I’ll look for a really scary one later.


One Response to “So Scary! Also The Maw”

  1. chungkingespresso said

    Last night I bought the Maw. I wanted to be able to play it with a child, but I have none on hand and my condo complex is filled with really, really old people. I picked the next-best thing, my girlfriend. Last weekend I got her ridiculously hooked on Castle Crashers. To get her interested in The Maw I promised her a title made by a similarly small indie team with cute Pixar graphics and no fear of dying. I also encouraged one of my professors to play it with his kid because I assumed it would be something like Banjo Kazooie.

    What I got was one of the worst platformers-on-rails that I’ve ever experienced. Really slow avatar movement to make sure I didn’t beat the game too fast. A few cute morphs that made me giggle once. Some horrid AI toward the end (the field full of Bee-tulls). Modeling and animation that even I could handle given about a week. Complete lack of explanation as to why I’d been captured or what the purpose of the Maw was (an alien lifeform captured for a zoo or a lab experiment gone horribly wrong). Lack of coherent narrative even for a children’s cartoon.

    My girlfriend refused to play it. She fell asleep while I tried to finish the thing so I could go to bed with her without feeling like I needed to keep playing to find something worth liking about it. She wanted me to stop multiple times, saying that not even a kid would enjoy playing it. I kept making excuses like, “Come on, a kid would love to throw hundred of little pink things into the Maw’s mouth.” I guess by the end the only thing I liked was how ridiculously large the Maw had gotten (but only once I’d restarted the first mission to see how small he started out). Big-time waste of my Microsoft points. I need to find another discounted card now before I can get the Fallout 3 DLC.

    I also took her to see the Wrestler earlier in the evening and that was about half as good as we’d expected it to be. I can’t even rely on Metacritic anymore to provide me with a decent idea of which games and movies I’m going to like. Thirty bucks poorly spent in a night. At least I got two bucks off of a case of Dr. Pepper with my Kroger Plus card.

    Tell me what ya think of it? (also, 360 Gamertag?)

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