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F.E.A.R., Quake Live, Shapeshifter

Posted by deckard47 on January 23, 2009

Just finished downloading and playing the F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo (which I will be calling Project Origin forever, because as everyone knows, writing Fear the way they want me to do it is super-annoying). It’s pretty to look at for sure (so much more bloom-y than the original), and it definitely understands that I want variation in my levels. Just the demo section alone had enough cool (non-grey) colors to keep me entertained. The combat is as “visceral” (visceral! That’s a nice word. A word that describes blowing body parts off, which definitely screams “visceral” to me) as one could expect from this franchise, the weapons are cool-looking and make appreciably destructive booming noises when you fire them.

Explosions do that whole “bubble distortion” effect like they did in the first one, only the bubble is prettier. As for new combat tactics… I can’t really tell if the enemies are smarter, I guess they’re flanking my ass like, twice as much as before? One thing that made a very good impression on me (for whatever reason) was the ability to knock over almost any item and use it for cover. To be honest with you, I was too busy cackling and blasting people to bits to use this technique, but I bet it would be fun to do, if I load the demo up again soon.

As has been noted elsewhere, the Quake Live beta is opening up. I’m sad that I haven’t gotten in yet, maybe they’ll be nice and I’ll get in soon? It was one of those games that I loved in a very absent-minded kind of way. Like its fierce (and fearsome!) competitor Unreal Tournament, I could play it for hours, in single and multiplayer, and be completely content. That reminds me, UT‘s Assault modes were amazing, and are basically what I think of as the precursors to TF2‘s objective and capture-based missions. I know other games did it, but UT did it best, in my adolescent mind. I mean shit, they had a Castle mission, a D-Day mission… I love the Onslaught mode in the new Unreal, but I don’t get the same rush as I did back then, taking exciting capture pints with my flak cannon. Sad.

Um, and the last part of this post title is just weird, so sorry. Thinking about UT and Q3 made me think about Marcy Playground and their album Shapeshifter, which I listened to a lot while playing the aforementioned games (along with Blink 182, to my everlasting shame). It’s dorky dude music, but it’s quite cool, in a super-mellow (more mellow than)  Weezer-ish way. Whatever happened to these guys?  I guess I’ll go back to writing now. Adios.


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