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Hype/Impressions: Venetica + Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble

Posted by deckard47 on January 20, 2009

As the title of this post suggests, I will be discussing two things today! First, as I recall I linked to a post/screens of Venetica a while ago. Venetica is about the daughter of death, who hangs out in Venice traveling back and forth between life and death and being awesome. It’s made by a German developer, who are also the people (I think) behind Drakensang. For the non-francophiles out there, this game is about Dragonblood. Shit be awesome. I’m gonna download the demo as soon as I get the chance to reboot into PC. For now, a screen from the increasingly interesting looking and sounding Venetica:

Here’s an exerpt from the Kotaku writeup of the game (or maybe they got it from somewhere else? There’s a lot of typos). It’s sounds fucking sweet, if I do say so myself:

It’s not just Good that awaits Scarlett in the Twilight World – the pure evil lurks there too, waiting the daughter of Death. Those who know the story of Venetica are aware of the bad necromancer, who is the source of all evil in the game’s story. He, Viktor, empowered himself with the Grim Reaper’s supernatural powers and now threatens the world. So, it’s not only countless horrific creatures that are waiting for Scarlett. Viktor’s powerful accomplices also hound her..

Equipped with supernatural powers, Viktor’s allies await Scarlett in the Twilight World once she has defeated them in the world of the Living. Now, Scarlett will face her real challenge: Using their powers, the evil helpers transform themselves into huge beasts, becoming even more powerful now that they reached the realm of the Dead.

Venetica’s Twilight World offers even more to the players: It’s not only special NPCs and enemies that resurrect in the world of the Dead – also Scarlett herself uses the underworld to re-awake. This allows her to generate herself tactical combat advantage, for instance by repositioning herself unseen while staying in the Twilight World, and afterwards surprisingly returning to the world of the living.

There is another special connection between Scarlett and the Twilight World: Her literally eternal love to Benedict, who dies just at the start of the game, bounds her to this world. Scarlett will meet her love regularly. In fact, Benedict will be the one who reveals Scarlett’s supernatural powers and who trains her in how to use them.

Many additional skills and abilities allow Scarlett to make even more use of the Twilight World, for instance by summoning creatures or by giving her unusual insights in both the worlds of the Living and the Dead. So, the Twilight World offers a full load of innovative gameplay features to Action RPG gamers.

Secondly (you knew it was comng!), I’ve just started playing Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, and I’m enjoying myself. I’m still a little fuzzy on how I’m winning/osing some of the challenges, but I like the catchy era-appropriate (I suppose, since I’m not 80 years old) music, the tone of the writing, and the amusing, anti-adults stance many characters take. It’s a very cool adventure/puzzle game, and I’d suggest checking it out. Perhaps I’ll link to it, now that I think of it. I wish I cold think of a third thing to post about, so as to make the post title a lie, but I can’t. I fail. Oh wait!

I had an absolutely brilliant few rounds of Left 4 Dead last night. I managed to land myself with the the (if they don’t mind me saying so) coolest crew possible. I’d like to single out El_Guapo for being seasoned and knowledgable and understanding, even when the rest of us fucked things up. We made 5 or 6 tries at advanced No Mercy, and got it in the end. We almost finished Death Toll, before some people dropped out. All in all, a very excellent run. Chances are it won’t happen again soon. Later.


One Response to “Hype/Impressions: Venetica + Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble”

  1. Simon said


    I’m doing a different sort of article (related to alt journalism) on Dangerous Girls for Bogost’s Journalism & Games project. I’ll send ya a link when it finally goes to post – we keep a month-long backlog. I’m assuming you play L4D on your computer, but if you ever play anything on XBLive please tell me your gamertag or just add me at some point? (It’s SimonLibertador) Always fun to play through online content with other people looking at things critically.

    Also, I don’t know if anybody’s already made this obvious connection somewhere else. But last night I was drinking some coffee and realized how close “Elika” (in PoP) was to “Eliza.” And then I realized that the argument could be made that she functioned in much the same way as that first expressive AI agent.

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