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Videoz! Lots of them

Posted by deckard47 on January 9, 2009

So I thought I’d post a couple of the CES videos which are up over at Gametrailers, because before I only linked you to one. Silly me! Anyway, I always wanted to comment on them, for kicks. First are two videos for  Dark Void, a game which is basically a third person cover based shooter mixed with a flight sim combat game mixed with completely explorable environments (walls are potentially combat zones too). Despite this plethora of gameplay options, it’d been leaving me cold the last couple of times I saw videos of it. The first video here was kind of interesting, especially the bits where you can just hop around the big facility. I mean, obviously it’s just a different way of connecting areas, but it still seems cool.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Many more videos and exciting commentary can be found after the jump (have I ever written that before? It sounds super-weird)
Then there’s this video, which shows the flight mechanics in much more detail. Now it’s obvious that the animations, especially for the main jetpack character, are smooth, but I didn’t realize how smooth. This looks like it could be fun, especially how flight can just be leaped into from any point. I guess I’m tentatively interested, although the hand-to-hand fighting looks clumsy and hard to use. Still, I’m glad I took a look at these, I’ll watch out for more info on Dark Void.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Next up is Prototype, which I decided I’d take a closer look at, since the last trailer I saw for it was meaningless non-gameplay stuff. This new one looks pretty solid, and much faster and more Ultimate Destruction-y than, say, Infamous. Still, I’m a little leary of it, partially because it takes the same Dead Space childish glee in having “mature” amounts of gore (I mean, seriously, that game had unskippable, 10 minte death animations, all to show you how your shit just got fucked up), and it seems like your guy just moves too fast. It make the city seem less big and imposing, which I guess is the idea… I’m just worried that it’ll be too overpowered of an experience.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And finally, my favorite, Dawn of War II. The original was a favorite of mine, that I stopped playing because it was getting in the way of work at school (silly school). As you know (right?) it featured cool upgradable squads, excellent battles, and an interesting building system. The new one will focus on having a better single player, in that there’ll be just a Space Marine Campaign, and you’ll have squad members that carry over to all missions. It sounds cool, and apparently it works. They’re also making the building system more mobile, less home base-centric, and (obviously) making everything look more badass. Oh, and the are also throwing in the morale and cover mechanics from Company of Heroes (among other things). All in all, it looks like it will combine the best of those two games. I couldn’t ask for much more. Here it is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I guess that’s it, there are other trailers (a creepy “Ballet of Death” for Killzone, featuring meticulously animated ding soldiers… Um, ok), but these are the intersting ones. Time to wait for Gamefly to deliver some tasty morsels, I guess.


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