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Unleashing, um, Something

Posted by deckard47 on January 8, 2009

Hey there (for a minute I wantd to tell you I was Eddie, your shipboard computer, but it passed)! Finished up The Force Unleashed last night (good ending), was pleased with myself, especially for beating [SPOILERS] the stupid Emperor and his stupid dancy moves [END SPOILER]. I have a mind to start the last mission over and get the bad ending, which I hear is decidely non-cannon. However, when I tried to “load” or “continue” my game it insisted on starting me over… I guess maybe once I’m ingame I could load the last mission? Whatever, I’m annoyed I have to sit through the first cutscene (you can’t skip it until halfway through) just to get a different ending. Blech.

As for the rest of the game, I think I liked it, despite itself and myself. As many other people noticed, the camera and combat can be annoying, some sections are maddening, and the levels are pretty and “interactive” in a rather superficial way. What that’s not saying is that I loved rocking every single entity with the force, I liked the story despite a few quibbles, and I thought that the writing was above-par, especially for a Star Wars story (take that, prequels, one more video game better than you!). There might be some kind of post or article in there somewhere, although in some ways it strike me much as the PoP recently did: good story, which saves its gameplay. Except the gameplay in PoP was always fun, whereas parts of Unleashed had me hitting things nearby to keep myself sane. It’s strange, the story was good (and full of cool and sometimes really, really weird fan service), its production values were through the fucking stratosphere, but I still felt a little lost at the end. It’s not like I [SPOILER] wanted Starkiller to live. On the contrary, his end was rather well done. It’s more that the creation of the Rebellion was handled in a way that seemed almost offhand. You know, like “Oh, um you want a distraction for the Emperor? Check it, I’ve got this Alliance I’ll rassle up.” [END SPOILER]

Looking back on it, what it really made me think was “oh, excellent, here’s a good, worthy successor to JK II.” That’s not a slight to either game, in fact I like both a lot, and they provide a (very important) alternative to Bioware/Obsidian’s stranglehold on good Jedi games. I’m glad we’ve moved past Kyle, and I’m really sad that the people behind Unleashed aren’t a team anymore. I’d have loved to see another Unleashed game; think of the post Original Trilogy Jedi they could have star in the new game? I for one would enjoy the return of good old Mara, who we haven’t seen properly ingame since Mysteries of the Sith.

Oh, and on an amusing side note, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake are both being realeased in early February, according to Amazon… Is this true? Those are both a hop skip and a jump away from not being released right? They’re about as bad as Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is also supposedly being released in Q1 09… Please Gearbox, don’t let me down, I need that game, I need it bad. On a second (and less amusing?) sidenote, the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack is still rocking my world. It’s doing so especially because Owen is singing “Ringa Ringa” around the house. Villain.


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