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Last Night in The Sun

Posted by deckard47 on January 6, 2009

Tomorrow at about 7am I’ll start my hideously slow journey back to the dark, cold, ugly, east coast, and ultimately, New Haven. I’ve almost managed to get all of my work done (no, really, almost done with this last article), and of course there’s a new batch of them coming up soon, but I’ll deal with that then. For now, it’s time to update the old iPod, with tracks welcome and not so welcome (Taylor, thank you for the Petty, I promise to give it a chance, for reals), and check around the house to see what I’ve forgotten. Last time I forgot a whole microwave, and the time before that, a pillow.

In the world of games, another problem has crippled the old Macbook, just as I thought things were going soothly again. Looks like it’ll require a repair, or complete reinstall of OSX, which is aboslutely fantastic, let me tell you. So, in my creeping, sideways fashion, I’ve latched onto the games I have stored up for such a (Mac enabled) gaming catastrophe. From my doc, the glaring pentagram of Doom 3 (dabbled in, but never beaten) and the grinning mugs of the Fallout 1 & 2 pipboys stare up at me. It’s ironic, I think, that I cursed my slow-ass compter when Doom 3 first came out, and I can now play it very smoothly on my Apple laptop. Amsing, to say the least. Who knows, I may get this thing fixed before then, but I’m not going to cross my fingers.

In other news, I’ve been getting into Season 3 of Doctor Who, and enjoy watching the antics of Freema Agyeman and David Tennant. Citadels has replaced Lost Cities in our regular board gaming. I will have to write something about these two, I can’t escape it forever. Time to go pack some more, so that I actually get back to New Haven. When I return, Okami and The Force Unleashed will be waiting for me. Owen has promised to enjoy the latter, as long as I play it and let him enjoy the story. Soon, then, we’ll be back to gaming all the time, writing about gaming here all the time. Lucky me, I guess.


One Response to “Last Night in The Sun”

  1. Sam said

    Citadels! Citadels!

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