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The Prince is Here

Posted by deckard47 on December 8, 2008

So I’ve freed a couple of the “fertile grounds” (as suggested, they are hilariously pronounced and too often mentioned), and I guess I thought I’d write a couple of things down. First, I am pretty sure that the guy playing the Prince is the same guy who voices Nathan Drake. Now, I like this actor, but he’s out of place here. He’s too brash, too confident, and (especially strange given the game’s title), he sounds quite American. Then again, the Sands of Time Prince just sounded faux-English, but at least he didn’t sound like a water polo player up for some crazy hijinks. Second, the game is absolutely beautiful, and it’s incredibly fun. People are saying its easy, but as I play it, what I’m thinking is that it’s easy enough for me to enjoy it unmolested by challenges (like Dead Space‘s stupid unkillable slashy guy). It’s nice to play a game where the point is to experience something cool or beautiful or interesting, not be bashed over the head by how “fun” and “challenging” the difficulty level is. Finally, and this is the most welcome part of the game so far, the dialogue is pretty impressive. Strangely, you don’t have to explore all of the banter, exposition and small talk, but it’s very interesting to do so. There’s a lot of silly stuff (look, the Prince is a bit of a dick about women, what a cad!) but overall it’s deep and interesting. Someone really took the time to write hundreds of lines of dialogue, ranging from the Prince’s and Elika’s different pasts, to the Prince’s version of I Spy, to other amusing and interesting topics. It’s better written than most games, and its just one more reason why I am completely in love with this game. Time to go play a bit more, I think.


2 Responses to “The Prince is Here”

  1. Guillaume Croix said

    Every other website is whining about how dumb the dialogue is – lulz.

  2. JV Andres said

    I agree with you regarding the “save me” mechanic. Most of the criticism I’ve seen laid against the game has been regarding these seamless transitions back to checkpoints. I also find that preserving the game’s sense of flow fits into its emphasis on movement and combos. Not having the fun interrupted is a step forward that works, for at least a few of us.

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