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Waiting for The Prince

Posted by deckard47 on December 5, 2008

So here I am, waiting for the mail to arrive. And waiting for work to start (I have to leave the house by 1pm). Awful. I’m hoping that Prince of Persia will arrive, because I’m extremely excited by its look and story, despite the fact that it is being hailed as “easy” by just abut everybody. To be honest, I guess I don’t really care. As a person who loathed the peculiar difficulty of Two Thrones (remeber how if you fucked up that first lightning stealth kill you would have a 2o minute fight on your hands? That was always me!), I welcome a game that lets me flow through it, experiencing its story and feel without being caught up on not being good enough. I thought Mirror’s Edge would be that way, and it was full of moments that stopped me and threw me out of the flow. I keep on thinking of Half Life 2, a game that very rarely made me unhappy due to its difficulty. I can count on one hand the number of times I had to replay a certain part of that game more than once or twice, and as a result it was a very smooth, natural, unhindered experience for me (and you can play HL2 on some hard-ass difficulties, by the way). Why can’t this be a thing that we enjoy as gamers? I like a challenge, but I also like my fun to come from somewhere not challenge-oriented.

Anyway. I also just watched this cool trailer for Dragon Age: Origins, which shows off how certain characters may treat you differently due to your character’s origin (race, profession, etc.). It’s pretty cool, its up over at Gamespot, of all places, and it makes me want this game again. I mean, if this (and by this I mean other elves comiserate with you and help you and humans act mistreat and derride you) kind of thing happens because you’re an elf mage, then think of the many different possibilities the other races and classes will provide. It’s enough to make the wait till next year seem even longer than it’s going to be. Oh, and WordPress doesn’t recognize “mage” as a word. Silly WordPress.


One Response to “Waiting for The Prince”

  1. carol said

    Gosh, it’s just like… real-life. Maybe Pomona can use the game in Orientation next year.

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