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More Prince of Persia, More Money!

Posted by deckard47 on November 18, 2008

I noticed (as I was checking Kotaku this morning) that Tomb Raider: Underworld is out today. I have to say, I want this game pretty badly, despite my experience with its nearly jerky camera (in the demo). Still, I like how the game has areal story now, and I like how her motivation is less ludicrous than “ooh, look, a pretty Scion!” I guess we’ll see, because to buy a new game right now is a daunting prospect, financially. Stupid money.

In other news, there’s a whole slew of new trailers up over at Gametrailers for the Prince of Persia game. They all look cool, but I’m kind of worried about the gameplay implementation of Elika. I like the fact that she helps you in a way that’s less intrusive, but it seems to me that she is basically just a way to let the Prince do things he couldn’t do before. I understand that it’s fun, but its as if some designer said “why can’t he jump farther,” and somebody else said “it would look fake.” So they decided to build a crutch in… Likewise, the combat just seems like the old combat, but with crazier blue effects. I’m still very excited about it, to be honest; it looks sweet, and I’m sure it’ll be fun to play. Oh, and the Prince’s voice? Not so cool. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but instead of sounding like an English Aladin (which is totally what he was in Sands of Time), he sounds like a laddish fratboy. Cross your fingers, I guess.


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