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Feeling Bad about Mirror’s Edge

Posted by deckard47 on November 13, 2008

Two things to discuss today. First, I wrote an article recently for Game Set Watch. It focused on The Lord of the Rings: the Third Age, and JediKnight: Jedi Outcast. In it, I compared Outcast unfavorably with  The Third Age. Now, I loved Outcast when I played it, and I’d be the first to compare it favorably to all other Star Wars Jedi games. But, I don’t think that precludes me from critiquing it on other grounds. Still, it came as a surprise to me when an employee over at Raven Software wrote to me about my article. He took offense at me calling Outcast “unambitious.” We preceded to have a really interesting conversation about Outcast, among other things. He seems like an awesome guy, and I hope that Raven keeps kicking ass (please tell me you’ve all played Elite Force?). It just reminded me that I and other bloggers sling a lot of shit at games, and those games take years to make. So, good or bad, give them the credit they deserve just for making the games.

Anyway, second topic of discussion for today will be Mirror’s Edge. Mon frere just acquired it, and he’s been playing it for most of the night. It frustrates him to an amazingly high degree, even more than Dead Space did (and that game made him serioursly angry). Mostly, it’s the weird, annoying little things that get him: getting stuck on light fixtures, or bumps in the wall, or other tiny shit. Also, as he just pointed out to me, ina 2D platformer you can always see the problem with your strategy. You know what caused your fall or failure. In Mirror’s Edge, disaster can strike from any direction, and you won’t know what the hell it was until the fifth time it happens to you.

Also, Mirror’s Edge has pretty mediocre writing. It’s not bad, but it’s almost instantly forgettable. Worse than the writing is the acting. It’s as if the actors were pronouncing English words phonetically, with no knowledge of their significance. One actor, mocking out heroin, keeps calling her “Faithy.” Perhaps the writers meant to imply a past affair or relationship, but we’ll never know: the actor makes it sound like he’s insulting his kid sister. Classy. It looks and plays great otherwise, and the reviewers who say the time trials are unimportant are dumb. They’re especially interesting looking, especially after the offensive trial and error indoor fight sequences. I want to run and jump and race, not figure out the right order to quick-time-event-kill soldiers that yell “go go go!” as they shoot me.


3 Responses to “Feeling Bad about Mirror’s Edge”

  1. Daniel said

    I’ve been steering clear of any Mirror’s Edge review and preview coverage as I’d like to experience it fresh for the first time whenever I get round to picking up a copy.

    However, I entered into a rather strong conversation yesterday with a good mate of mine, who shares rather different views on games and he has read the reviews, stating that the game wasn’t doing to good and many claims it was too short. Then I got frustrated with him because from my perception, the Time Trial modes are what I’m looking to get into MORE. They’re about repetition, finding a flow, getting a groove and increasing your skills, am I right? (I’ve only played the demo and was locked out of the time trial by EA, bitches.)

    It should be fuckin’ plain as day that the Time Trial is important, maybe even more so than the story mode! Of course, this is speculation but that to me is the aim of the game. Heck, the demonstrations usually show the time trial mode, with ghost players anyway, not the story.

    When I’m done with my review, I think I’m going to go online to see exactly what others have said. Then, I’m likely to get angry.

  2. Sam said

    That shit was annoying. I also beat the game faster than I’ve beat anything in a long time (4.30 am), if only to unlock the time trials.

    Why do all anonymous SWAT cops in video games yell “Go Go Go!” at each other? It’s like they’re animals with just one or two hooting noises available for group communication.

  3. carol said

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. Sounds like your articles are getting a nice amount of exposure.

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