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Where’s My Louis Armstrong?

Posted by deckard47 on November 6, 2008

Time for a Fallout 3 update. I’m trying to finish “The Family” quest, which involves my character tracking down what appear to be a family of moddern day vampires. It sounds great (although it is so like Oblivion), and it’s fun for a bit, but then I realize that I’m just checking various Oblivion dungeons (sure, they’re in subway stations and mansions, but their dungeons all the same) for guys. And it is getting old.

Yet even as the specter of Oblivion rears its medieval head, a bit more fo (what I consider to be) Fallout peaks through. I keep on finding “rail spike” rounds or some such, obviously destined for some kind of “railgun.” I long for this rail spike gun like nothing else I’ve ever wanted in a game. Kind of. It’s actually amazing, how their devilish little crafting system drags me in. If I have the right materials, I can make a bottle cap mine… This means I use currency as a weapon. Nice. Also, when I buy the schematic for a gun, that’s not the end. If I find identicle schematics, my final gun (whenever I craft it) will be of a higher quality. Excellent.

Mini-Nuke attack! Oh, that reminds me, I just found out that there is a way for me to pick up the schematics for a nuke grenade. I am almost speechless with anticipation.

This kind of detail is also bestowed upon repairing items found in the wasteland, which can be done to increase damage and value. Likewise, the Bobbleheads that are hidden throughout the game aren’t just gloriphied trophies: they bestow small bonuses to different skills. It’s very much like Mass Effect’s achievements, which conferred ingame bonuses. Way to go bethesda.

Suddenly, I want to take back what I said about evil characters. In my good game, I stumbled upon a huge slaving complex, which was completely off limits to me. I want to get there with my evil guy, and explore! I want that so badly.

I’m still very far from getting anywhere in the game, but I can say that it’s frustrating and fun in almost equal amounts. More missives from the Wasteland to follow shortly.


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