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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Election, Election

Posted by deckard47 on November 5, 2008

So I’m watching the returns, hoping, as I am want to do. I just spent a lot of today doing a lot of gaming, writing, and lots of nothing. I can safely say that Dead Space rocks just as much as it did this morning. In Fallout 3 news, I’ve played a bit more of it, and I can say this: it is definitely better than Oblivion. I almost feel like it should be compared to that game, as opposed to the old Fallouts. It’s big, varied, deep, and ultimately, oddly shoddy in places (just less so than Oblivion was). What it takes from the Fallout are its setting and its tone (for the most part), and the skill-influenced conversation trees.

By the way, that last feature is one of my favorites in the whole game. I love being able to create a different conversation tree because I have high endurance. Quite awesome. So, its very fun, but I can see it petering out like Oblivion did. I’m worried that beyond the aforementioned conversation techniques, it’s going to be the same brand of bland storytelling. I could be wrong, because the writing is definitely better in places, as is the acting. I’m crossing my fingers, because I really want to like this.

The combat is just as the rest of the world says it is: stunted and finicky. V.A.T.S. helps to ameliorate the situation somewhat, but I can only watch heads blowing up for so long before I get testy. Horribly, I’m finding the evil options too harsh. I don’t like destroying an entire town, because it removes a whole batch of quests from my reach. If you could have seen me when I realized this, you would know what the deepest kind of indecision looks like. Now I absolutely must play the game twice (if not three times) to assuage my peculiar predilections. Life is tough.

Anyway, I think I’ll keep on trying with it, maybe not later tonight, but definitely tomorrow. I need to get my character beyond that initial sucky stage. Time to go watch Obama win (projected-wise).


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