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Alan Wake, meet Stephen King’s tired Plot Device!

Posted by deckard47 on October 22, 2008

Two newses! Bits of news, I mean. A fancy new “cinematic” Alan Wake trailer is up. Interesting. So does he create all of the badness with his own thoughts? Kind of a cool idea… It reminds me (in an amused, bad way) of every other Stephen King book, which were always about authors who had vaguely pretentious shit happen to them (oh, and half the time, they hooked up with hot young fans… ewww). Anyway, if it ever gets released, I will be there to check it out. Remedy knows how to tell an interesting (rediculously silly) story, so they have my vote, if not necessarily my money.

Next, Bioware and the villainous Lucasarts announced the KoToR MMORPG. Boo? I’m not sure how to feel about this. They keep on tempting me, making me think I’ll be able to apply their unique brand of roleplaying and morality in an MMORPG, but then I start to worry that I’ll just be killing mynocks and shit in slightly less-shittily written fetch quests. Please, Bioware, be as awesome as I know you can be.


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