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Myst/Jericho Update

Posted by deckard47 on September 30, 2008

Before work today, I want to post a few quick thoughts on these two games.

Jericho: better than you’d think (or than reviewers would have you think). The combat is fun so far, the graphics are pretty good at rendering what’s going on (people apparently hated the graphics… why?), and the story is actually quite interesting if you ask me. The dialogue does sometimes veer into the bad area (mostly when people use the word “fuck” more than 2 times in a sentence), but it actually complements the story quite well, I think. This relates to some thoughts I had while watching Aliens last night. Aside from the fact that each time I see that movie it blows me away a little more, it made me realize something about video game writing. about 75% of the video games I’ve played have stolen shit from Aliens. The mood, dialogue, characters, scenes, everything. But I realized why most games always fuck up that theft… More later, must talk about Myst 3 now.

It’s dated looking (obviously), and the gameplay is as traditional as ever, with a fiew interesting developments here an ther. It’s still better than any other Myst rip-off floating around out there these days, and I haven’t even heard Brad Douriff speak yet! Plus I’m still stuck on the island with colored looking glasses. I’m going to go play more Jericho, late.


2 Responses to “Myst/Jericho Update”

  1. bs angel said

    I purchased Jericho at launch but still haven’t gotten around to opening it yet. Way too many games right now. Your words are reassuring though as I hadn’t heard anything positive about the game until now. I’ll have to bust it open soon.

  2. deckard47 said

    Yeah, as long as you don’t let the outrageous difficulty gt you down (although Graffiti Gamer has some good words to say about the difficulty), it’s pretty fun.

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