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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

The Real World is Unpleasant

Posted by deckard47 on September 22, 2008

It also makes you have less time for blogging. What with day job work, internet work, and other stuff, there has been no blogging recently. I do have a new column I’ve been writing for GameSetWatch, though. If, by some chance, you read this blog but haven’t been told (by me!) about the column, here’s a link.

Gaming-wise, it’s been slow. I’ve been playing some adventure games for reviews, but those are for somebody else, so I dunno if they’ll go up here. I’ll try to put as much stuff up here as I can.

In recent developments, Mercenaries 2 is frustrating. Played the demo, liked it, but didn’t care about their stupid punk-rock character. I’m gonna GameFly it, I figure me and Owen can rock the co-op after work. I’m considering Force Unleashed, but sadly (and for the first time in a long time), I don’t have the time to play all games these days. Dark times. I am excited by the prospect of Dead Space and Fable 2, so when those come out I’ll check them out.

I hope you all liked the Braid review, I’m actually proud of it, I think it’s pretty good for a straight-up review. I must sleep now, work at 8am tomorrow (necessitating a 630am alarm. Shit). Hope the games are being good to everyone.


One Response to “The Real World is Unpleasant”

  1. silvercube said

    Sleep. That’s a good idea 🙂

    I’ve been up all night listening to trance music. Woops.

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