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I Will Folow You Into the Dark (Jade Empire Hates Me)

Posted by deckard47 on August 20, 2008

Things are still going slowly here, but not so slowly that I shouldn’t be gaming/writing. Most annoyingly, I’ve been trying to redownload my copy of Jade Empire for Steam. I think my connection is fine, but maybe Steam is having difficulties? Is this a big release week for them or something? I don’t think so, but it’s driving me crazy, I really want to actually get somewhere in that game. A lot of stuff has happened recently, so I’ll cover what interested me the most, and maybe a bit of what didn’t

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As you can see from the above video, it turns out that Far Cry 2 (for consoles) will have an absolutely amazing map editor. Check this shit out. If any of you ever played the Timesplitters games on the Cube or PS2, you’ll know that Far Cry 2 makes that game’s map creator look like nothing. I remember making bizarrely complex cube maps with different lights, and Guillaume and I would fight each other in them, trying to convince ourselves that this was fun (and then just go back to having a blast in co-op and monkey attack modes). Seriously, when this comes out, I may have to build some maps and hit Live up for some multiplayer, if it’s as good as it promises to be. Check this out, another in-game trailer for Far Cry 2. Keep your fingers crossed, I guess? Oh, and if you’re interested (I was!), the awesome music in that trailer is from the Black Hawk Down soundtrack (no, seriously). It rocks, all over. Anyway, I will be able to run this (damn you Crysis) on my consoles, and the gameplay looks solid. They have the awesome free range tactics and combat of Far Cry, combined with a new equally interesting setting. Plus, if we’re lucky, there won’t be “Tri-gens” or aliens or any shit like that. Way to go Ubisoft.

I guess the new TF2 update is out (or about to be out)? The heavy gets a new gun, and a health-giving sandwich… I really should get back in to this, I’m such a loser. The new maps that are coming actually look really sweet, with one of them actually having green stuff in it! Check this one out, I really dig that giant mountain in the background on the second one, it looks so perfect:

Oh, quick update, head over to Gametrailers if you want to see a ton of Leipzig videos. They’ve got RE5 (boo), some Tom Clancy shit, Velvet Assassin, Need for Speed: Undercover (please tell me the whole thing isn’t about how hot Maggie Q is?) and Dark Void (which I ‘ve never actually watched a video for, but it looks interesting).

Ahah, now we’re getting somewhere: The Seksy new version of the Witcher (entitled The Witcher: Enhanced Edition) has a trailer that has almost no content. That’s ok, they’ve sold this to who they need to sell it to, no one’s going to complain about the hugest free update ever, right? Good for CD Projekt. Now maybe Geralt’s mouth will move when he talks, huh?

In two bits of Force Unleashed related news, Gametrailers has about a billion videos of them trashing stormtroopers, and some new story cutscenes. Here is the page where it all is, I’d recommend checking a bunch of it out, it’s all pretty cool. Almost cooler than that (no! Is it possible?) is this collection of screens that come from some kind of awesome Force Unleashed art book, which will be coming out soon. It features cool art, interesting insights into the design process and story, and again, cool art. Check it out.

Here we have the newest Tomb Raider: Underworld gameplay trailer. It all looks pretty solid, especially the animation and graphical updates. I know that Drake’s Fortune basically set the bar for adventure game graphics, so I don’t think Lara will be kicking Nathan’s ass any time soon, but it still looks good. Oh, and when it comes to gameplay we’re still basically in the dark. I trust Crystal Dynamics, having been a big fan of their two previous TR games, I just hope that they realize that raiding tombs is fun, and that we don’t need clunky motorcycle interludes to make things more “interesting.” Oh, and does anyone else find it really creepy that the Underworld game box cuts Lara’s face off? Isn’t that really weird? Like, why is her face not there? Please tell me we’re better than that. On another note, when I first saw this trailer, the Death Cab song ” I will follow you into the dark” started playing along with the trailer. I was completely fucking blown away. I mean, I’ve seen the Drake’s Fortune Massive Attack trailer, and the above Far Cry 2 trailer, but this was just amazing. What a cool choice of a soundtrack, right? I was trying to figure out what the song meant in terms of the trailer, when I realized that it had played cause my Itunes was on shuffle. Such a letdown. Next time, maybe.

I suppose that’s all for now. I have actual stuff I need to get done today, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to wrangle with Jade Empire. I might just boot up another RPG I never finished (Dungeon Seige 2, possibly), and suck it up. Damn you Steam.


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