Delayed Responsibility

I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Ah, New Haven

Posted by deckard47 on August 11, 2008

I have finally arrived in New Haven, or rather I should say I arrived on Saturday and have only just now set up my internet. No gaming has occurred, aside from some frustrating bouts of Trauma Center (DS). Guillaume is a fiend at the game, having beaten it yesterday. He was able to complete most of it while I drove. The fact that he could draw imaginary incisions while we traversed the hideous, badly paved Interstates amazes me to no end. I suppose there will be posts soon, concerning job status, gaming, cooking (yes!), and my new existence in New Haven (not so many of those?). As it is, I look forward to playing a bit more of Burnout, and to starting Alone in the Dark, when I get my systems set up. Until then, later


One Response to “Ah, New Haven”

  1. Jared said

    Haha, Gun Wavin’ New Haven! Welcome to Connecticut. Fortunately I haven’t lived there since childhood.

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