Delayed Responsibility

I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

More Caliburs, More Something

Posted by deckard47 on July 30, 2008

I write this to you as my PS3 slowly updates to 2.42 (I think?). Of course, I turned it on to play my newly Gameflied copy of Soul Calibur IV, and when it told me it “had” to be updated, I was too much of a loser to argue with it. So, I sit here, watching that little bar crawl across the screen (51% now). This reminds me of all those techno-thrillers that started coming out in the nineties and are still coming out. There had/have to be at least 2 shots of a download/delete/upload/decrypt/whatever bar moving, while the hero of our story stares at the screen with laser eyes. It must be tough, knowing that you’re going to have to make a little computer animation into something tense and heavy. I bet the composer and director look forward to those days.

Lucky I write about games on this blog. Obviously, I shall soon be Caliburating my soul, or something. Me, I’m interested in the pirate captain (Cervantes?) and the new armored woman who uses a sword and a spear. I suspect that Owen and Guillaume will refuse to play with me, because they have better things to do (like Boom Blox, with me!). Regardless, I’ll brave its sexism and bad plot to bring you fresh, juicy reports, every day.

It tuns out that EB Games sells the Arcanum strategy guide for 10 bucks. Words cannot describe how betrayed I feel. Now I have to back to looking at the crappy copies on Amazon, pining uselessly. I can never justify buying used copies, you can’t get free shipping! Why am I crazy. Tonight I drive down into Hell, or LA, for the last (please) time. I shall arrive at LAX, bearing an In n Out milkshake. Cause that’s how I roll.


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