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Ne Le Dis A Personne – Or, I’m too lazy to add the accent to the “a”

Posted by deckard47 on July 26, 2008

Just got back from seeing the movie named (“Tell No One,” in English) above, and let me tell you, shit, that was good. Fuck Batman, the X-Files, Wall-E, all of it. Go see this movie. It rocks. It’s a thriller (I guess… what does that mean?), that reminds me of North by Northwest, a bit, but I guess it’s supposed to a bit of film noir too? Dunno. Basically, there’s this married couple, and one day the wife is murdered. Ten years later, the police bring the case back up, trying to convict the husband of murder. Simultaneously, someone claiming to be the dead woman contacts our hero (Alex), and someone else is trying to find this supposedly dead woman, killing people as they go. It’s amazingly good. All of the acting is great, the music is great, it’s ridiculously tense, and it puts any “comparable” (plotwise) American movies to shame. Seriously, I haven’t cared this much about a movie in a while. Strangely, it’s based on an American novel, I think, and it uses almost all American music. Damn Frenchies, taking our books, and showing us how actual movies are made.

So, maybe I should talk about games a bit? I honestly can’t think of anything interesting. Lately, I’ve been a rather boring gamer, going back and playing old RPGs that tickle my fancy (which I love to tickle, let me tell you). Oh wait, check this out. Yes, there is an all CG (like that bad Final Fantasy movie, or Advent Children) Resident Evil movie is coming out. Did I just blow your mind? Probably not. Look at the trailer, it looks ludicrous and hammy and silly, everything you could ever want from this kind of movie. Plus it isn’t racist (for now! I can always trust these guys), and the fact that they have the same actors voicing Leon and Claire is just about the most fantastic thing that I’ve experienced today (besides Tell No One).

Aside from that, I just got a badass new set of speakers, I’m just 2 weeks shy of driving across the country (aaaah!), and Starburst makes gummy candy filled with fruit juice (like Gushers). It’s a good time to be alive.


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