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Too Human Demo

Posted by deckard47 on July 24, 2008

I just finished the demo, and, as has been pointed out, it has some issues (and this is still just the demo). I understand why so many people are freaking out about the camera. It feels funny to me too, and after finishing Heavenly Sword (review, soon), I really had trouble controlling my urge to move the camera with the right stick. Still, it isn’t the big deal that people have been saying it is. More troubling is the kind of silly dialogue, the oddly weightless objects (when that APC hits the snow, it looks like paper, not like a tank), and the teenage characterization of certain NPCs. I’m thinking of the three oracle types: the hot sultry one, the old wise one, and the middling business one. That whole scene was just ludicrous. And yet, I liked what I played. The RPG aspects seem cool, although the skill tree seems mighty short. In the demo, I used up a lot of the skill points allotted, and had almost maxed out two skills. The combat is fun (I can’t juggle though), and co-op sounds cool. Gamefly, definitely.

In almost Gamefly related news, there is a new site up, run by the guys at CD Projeky (they have some pretty good marketing savy, you gotta give them that). It’s called Good Old Games, and it’s basically a cool, fun collection of digital download PC games. I’m talking good games, not all of the Barbie Pet Rescue games. There’s Fallout Tactics (YES), Sacrifice, MDK, etc. I love this idea, and I have already signed up for the beta. Steam is great, but this site just looks like it has better taste. Plus, it’s DRM free, so you can download them again and again, as many times as is necessary (no bullshit about a maximum number of downloads, in case your computer crashes). So, yeah, check it out.

Next up, I just found out that EB Games (online) allows you to download games. You know what you can download? Arcanum for 10 dollars. Shit. Do it. In a slightly less amazing deal moment, I saw Disciples 2 at a Target for 10 dollars, in Santa Rosa. I’ve played almost all of the factions, and it’s interesting to compare this game to past and present iterations of the HOMM franchise. I like the style a lot, and I have to say, I wouldn’t be sad if they released another game in the same series. It’s less about amassing large armies, and more about carefully leveling up your weak early characters. I like the idea that my lowly apprentice can be a deadly sorcerer by the end of the game, if I take care of him. Plus, their take on elves is kinda cool. Instead of being regular Tolkein elves, they’re more feral and animalistic, kind of like Underworld’s (awful) take on werewolves. Cross your fingers, I guess.


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