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Once More

Posted by deckard47 on July 15, 2008

I just finished watching Wierdsville and Vantage Point. Wierdsville = amusing, Vantage Point = How did this thing ever get made. Wierdsville can best be described as a “stoner” (not really) comedy with Scott Speedman, who, by the way, I have a newfound respect for. Vantage Point… It’s badly written, plotted, edited, and acted. It goes nowhere, has nothing to say, and spends way to long telegraphing these failures to you. I realized, at the end, as Dennis Quaid and the President looked at each other, that this movie was mismarketed, and misunderstood. This is actually the story of a long-suffering secret service agent, and his deep love for the President, love that can never be acted upon, only hinted at. In the final scenes, they understand each other, and that love. What a romantic scene (no seriously, check it out, just skip the rest of the movie). I told Will this is what should have happened, to which he responded “in a perfect world.” No fucking shit.

But, in more important news: new Prince of Persia trailer up at Gametrailers. Shit hot, one might say. I want this so bad. Look at how pretty it is! Look at he platforming. Look at the co-op type stuff with your partner. I really am very excited about this. It might wash away the sting of not liking the character in Assassin’s Creed that much.

I have to say (sudden transition!), Infamous looks kinda cool. This new video is promising, with lots of cool effects and running around the city. Like Grand Theft Auto without the shit, plus some awesome superpowers. Could be fun.

And look, here’s a Fable 2 video. I must say, it looks like an interesting continuation of the ideas set out in the first game. I only hope it’s easier to be evil. So trick for me! Oh, and your hero guy looks like a smug tool. Because I’m strangely interested in this game, here’s a bunch of new screens. Even if this is just a more polished version of he first game with women PCs, I’ll still be interested. The character creation is just so deep, in certain ways, I can’t help but be ensnared.


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