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Sorry, But, Have you Seen that Dragon Age Trailer?

Posted by deckard47 on July 14, 2008

There’s a second one up, and it’s just a big difference. Its dogs this time, not arrows. Now, forgetting the fact that I think its strangely cool that this in-game cutscene (let’s assume?) includes the use of dogs as a way to break charging enemy lines (well, you knew I was a dork, right?), I’m suddenly worried about this game. What if, as is darkly suggested by people over on the Dragon Age forums, this game is leaning a bit toward NWN, as opposed to Baldur’s Gate. Do you remember the NWN characters? I remember Aribeth, because she had a silly storyline, and nobody else, because there was nobody worth remembering. It was like a bad, watered down version of what rocks about Bioware. People are saying the graphics in this trailer look stiff (especially the faces). I kinda agree (although I thought Mass Effect looked dumb, initially). It is a trailer, it’s 10 seconds long or something, so I should probably just shut it, and let Bioware rock my world, again.

To be honest, my fear is that the game won’t have the conversation system used in Mass Effect, or the facial detail and emotional depth. That would kill me. Whatever, they’ll show something at E3 (which I will be following closely, so that I can write to you about the two things I care about, whatever they may be), so I think the gaming public can wait a few days. It better be good though.

Finally, The Rainmaker is a silly movie, and overlong, and it has many problems. The biggest problem? That music. The guy who composed that music should be put on trial himself. Oh, and Matt Damon scares me even when he’s young. He doesn’t fool me with that diminutive blond, young guy (think Rounders too) look. I know he’ll grow up into a humongous killing machine who could crush me like a bug. John Voight never had a chance.

I think it’s time to admit that I’ve started playing Fable. Lots of issues there. Gameplay, design and (really?) no female avatar. I hope they bring the good stuff (ludicrous character customization, reputation spreading, etc.) to the new game, and add some fun combat and good writing into the mix. Because what’s on display in the first game is sad. Oh, and I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that they handle pregnancy in a startling and innovatively offensive way. Keep your fingers crossed, I guess. One thing in Fable’s favor is the fact that they’ve stolen a march on Bethesda. Hey, Oblivion guys, you want to see how to make a game where you level up heavily used skills more, but that still lets you have fun playing and leveling your character? Check this game out. More on that tomorrow, after I’ve slept way too late. Adios.


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