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Assassin’s Creed: A Few Thoughts

Posted by deckard47 on July 13, 2008

I just finished the game for the first time. It took me this long for several reasons: it isn’t exactly a short game, other games kept on getting in the way, I would get fed up with dying (or being spotted by evil deadeye guards) and quit, and in the end, I had the same problems that many people had. To be honest though, my issues with repetitive combat and quest structure (what most people seemed to be annoyed by) were always fleeting. I liked the combat (one understood, difficult to perfect, like The Witcher’s combat, but a bit trickier), I thought that the different story and character of the (mechanically identical) quests was cool, and I liked the story, for all of its silliness. The most annoying thing (well, two things) are these: first, Altair/Desmond. The guy who voiced him? Annoying, more annoying than any other annoying video game voice. Why is he white again? Is the Assassin’s Cult multicultural (last time I checked all other members are Middle Eastern)? Maybe I misunderstood, but it seems weird to have this whiny white boy as the lead… Couldn’t they have gotten a whiny pretend ethnic boy (to have a voice actor who was actually middle eastern, and thus, even more so than a hero of the same descent, would have been highly unpalatable to many gamers, I bet) to play Altair? Whatever, they can be that way. Next problem: Final Assassinations. I think I murdered one guy in a stealthy way. The amount of effort and time it would have taken to stealthily assassinate all of them would have been astronomical if not impossible (here I’m thinking of ***SPOILER*** Robert’s body double). What exactly is this game called again?

Aside from those two complaints, I’m excited for the next game, although I suspect it might descend into even further silliness and camp. I’m willing to give them a chance though. Oh, and could we get rid of the people who assault you in the street randomly next time? Aside from painting an offensive portrait of poor and differently abled people (it basically presents all such people as dangerous, violent, and annoying), that was annoying. If you want to include annoying moving roadbloacks next game, make it a cult full of people who hate those who dress in white! It would be about as believable.

Now I should go do some Flash stuff for class. You have no idea how little I want to do that. What’s next on the game slate? Probably BG2 (loser, loser, loser!), with a bit of Oblivion (need to write a bit about that later) thrown in. Wait, one more thing. Dragon Age teaser… Good, bad, alright? Yes, it looks a bit like the Lord of the Rings, but I’ve seen Bioware take a familiar franchise and make it look and sound different (and fun, as opposed to Meow Skywalker’s latest outings). I don’t doubt their ability to take a familiar look and feel (and remember cats and kittens, that wasn’t gameplay, or all of the races, that was the pasty faux-Englsh dudes) and make a fantastic fucking game out of it.


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