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Gamefly, Wii, and 360 update

Posted by deckard47 on June 14, 2008

So the first two of my Gamefly games showed up today: Metroid Corruption and Culdcept Saga. Both of these games are fun (Metroid is definitely more fun), but they both feel a bit simple, for lack of a better word. Metroid is, in many ways, amazing. The graphics are cool, the control is great, the settings are interesting and varied, and it’s just a fun shooter. Yet its plot and storytelling remind me of Halo 3, in the worst possible ways. I mean, they’re a little bit better, but for the most part, any joy I derive from the story comes from the info I read about my cool fellow bounty hunters. I know that many games use logs, encyclopedia entries and such to keep you in the story, but those games (Mass Effect, Bioshock, ACP2) had a far more compelling narrative, I feel. Yes, even AVP2.

Culdcept Saga’s problems are much more obvious. I like the board game aspect, I like cards, I like leveling my spaces up, but I hate the characters, “plot,” “acting,” and art, in many cases. I know, that’s not what the game is about, but why spend money on that shit if it is going to suck this much? Spend it elsewhere. I basically skip all of that stuff as it is now presented in the game. I watched the first two long cutscenes, and I sure wasn’t impressed. Oh well, Devil May Cry 4 will show up when I return one of these games: talk about great plotlines and acting!

The Wii is awesome, although I use a VGA plug for it, same as my 360. This means I switch them a lot, and I’m worried I’ll strip the screws. I’m gonna order a VGA extender, I think, so that if I break something, it’s the extender, not the cable. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is coming along nicely. I’ve just started making my way through the land of the Roharim (or whatever the spelling is). Love that plot. Mon frere has just reached the Citedal in Mass Effect. Watching him fight enemies, I realize just how unintuitive and badly designed the interface is. Fighting, moving, everything is designed in the most ass-backwards way possible. Again, I long for the PC version, with its mouse, and more importantly, more than 3 fucking buttons to map everything to. That’s about it from here, although I keep on telling myself I need to try playing NWN2, even if it breaks my computer. We’ll see.


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