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New RPGs, New Fun!

Posted by deckard47 on June 11, 2008

So there was a big to-do somewhere in Japan, thrown by Microsoft, trying to convince us that someone besides Bioware is providing Microsoft customers with good RPGs. Interestingly, they succeeded, for the most part. Last Remnant looks cool, although it suffers from the same problems Lost Odyssey suffered from: that Squeenix look combined with Unreal 3. I know Unreal 3 is a fancy engine, and I know that Square Enix has perfected their fantasy tech/magic look for multiple games, but it all looks some damn similar… I just played an hour or so of The Third Age (that awesome LotR game I wrote about last time), and although the game is pretty soulless, playing an RPG not set in some whimsical magitech world feels incredibly refreshing. This is why I like the Penny Arcade game so much, this most recent LotR acquisition, and the recently installed (but not yet played) Divine Divinity. It’s why I want to go back and re-install Baldur’s Gate II for the 10th time. Oh well, I still like the look of last remnant.

The same goes for Star Ocean 4, although there isn’t even any gameplay in the new video, it just looks fancy. Still it looks neat, and it’s an RPG, so I’m still interested. I wish I wasn’t so easy.


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