Delayed Responsibility

I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!


Posted by deckard47 on June 9, 2008

I’ve gotten a bit farther in PA: The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, and it has sucked me in, as RPGs are want to do, regardless of how good they are. Speaking of which, I just signed up for Gamefly and got their special deal, 3 games, first month, on the cheap. My first three games will be Metroid Prime: Corruption, ICO, and The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age. I expect all of you to know what the first two are. I’ve never tried either, and I’m sure they will both be excellent.

The third is a guilty, guilty pleasure of mine. Imagine a Final Fantasy game (circa number 7 or 8), set in the Lord of the Rings (movie) world. You have elves, humans, dwarves, and they play the typical parts of mages, rangers, fighters and everywhere in between. You travel through linear (more so than most games these days, even Final Fantasy games) areas, doing awesome random encounters, picking up armor, weapons and powerups, and working through the back story of the Fellowship storyline. The plot is (in my humble opinion) ludicrous and for that reason, entertaining. The battles are pretty tough, but the game is as simple as an “RPG” can be. I’d call it crappy and cheap, but it leverages the movie franchise in a way that no other game has done, and I was amazed by it when I rented it for a week. Now, I’ve got it for as long as I want, and I’m going to finish it, I swear. I might even use my Wii to play it in slightly higher definition on my monitor. I’m so excited!

Where was I… Penny Arcade. The game shows a truly amazing dislike for the homeless, and the humor that any person who reads the comics will recognize. When I realized I could upgrade my weapons, they had me. Once a game does that, it is very hard to make me dislike said game. I can’t think of one, right now, that has ever done so.

Soon, I’ll be wandering through lonely halls, escorting that weird horn dude and his connected-at-the hand companion. I’m really looking forward to it. Finally, I’ve just started a game of Civ IV: Beyond the Sword. I realize why I was strangely drawn to Civ Revolution on the 360: a lot of the stuff in Civ Iv annoys me. The fact that I have to automate units to get by is annoying. I like micromanaging, but if I didn’t automate my workers and fishing boats, it’d take a week to get through one turn. Also, they’ve taken away the throne room progression and viewing screen. Anyone who played Civ II knows what I’m talking about. That was my main reason for playing that game. Now it’s gone…

Oh, and Owen and I made up for our bad movie choices. Gone Baby, Gone was quite good, I thought, despite being a bit silly toward the end. All I can say is, don’t fuck with Ed Harris, he’s fucking crazy. Oh, and Casey Affleck makes a convincing private detective badass. Good for him. Oh, and that scene which ends with Casey Affleck being chased by the woman? Scary shit.


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