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Wii Update!

Posted by deckard47 on June 7, 2008

So a mysterious message asked for a Wii update. Here it is. Owen picked up a Wi at the local college bookstore, they had it for 250 bucks flat, which as you know, is fucking amazing. It came with Mario Galaxy, and we’ve since picked up a second controller and Mario Kart.

Mario Kart is very fun, it’s kinda sad we don’t have the double karts, but I love the rest of, so that’s ok. The new bikes and tricks are great, and almost all of the tracks are awesome. Still, there are some problems. The GBA and SNES tracks are shit. Like bad. They’re all flat and featureless. Nintendo, either gives those maps some fucking topography other than flat all over, or pick other maps. This isn’t Grand Turismo or some Formula One shit. I want jumps and tunnels and giant dinosaurs. Multiplayer is excellent, although playing with a GCN controller is not nearly as good as it should be. Oh well. Oh, and it is easier to get knocked from 1st to 12th in this game, but it’s manageable. If you’re a Kart fan, you should be able to suck it up and deal with it.

Mario Galaxy is also great. To tell the truth, I got Mario 64 for my DS, and was quickly bored. Unlike that game, Galaxy is beautiful, interesting, and the art indulges less in absolutely crazy stuff, and more in cool, pretty crazy stuff. The gravity changing and different suits (Bee suit!) are cool, and the game has the cute, weird Mario vibe down. More importantly, it’s the closest thing to “magical” I’ve ever seen a game get. It makes the Little Prince look boring. Rocketing from planet to planet, changing gravity, it’s all wonderful. Maybe Zelda should take a hint and shake things up a bit.

Aside from the Wii, I downloaded the Bad Company and Civ. Revolutions demos. Bad Company is actually quite bad. The controls are not nearly as precise or sensible as they should be, deformable terrain adds nothing to the play. It’s like a crappy amalgam of Warhawk and COD4. I don’t care that it’s Battlefield, it sucks. Did all the other Battlefield games suck this much?

Civ. Revolutions is fun. It’s kinda ugly, and kinda badly designed, but it’s still CIv., so like GC II, I can play it (just the demo, mind you) for hours, and have done so, fully intending to play some other, “better” game. I recommend it to people who think Civilizations is to fiddly, or people who have a 360, or people who like fun stuff.

Owen and I have been on an unfortunate bad movie binge. My friends know that I often indulge in bad movies. If it weren’t for me, they wouldn’t have seen Blade Runner, Raising Arizona, Army of Darkness, or any number of other bad movies. Anyway, Owen and I thought we were renting two good movies: We Own the Night, and Boarding Gate. Wrong. Boarding Gate is stupid, offensive, and full of bad acting. It also has Michael Madsen, which is a bad sign. Because he is a human monster.

We Own the Night started out alright, and then descended into stupidity. The writers obviously got lost, or drunk, or died, just before the chase in the rain. The movie could have ended there for all I care. The plot and dialogue after that point were written by a child, I think. Finally, it was apparent that the writer had no idea what to do with Eva Mendes. Maybe his thoughts went like this “um, ok, we need a Sexy woman. Um, Eva Mendes. Now, wee need to relegate her to an almost pointless and shittily written role. Fantastic.” Blech.

I’m considering a Gamefly account, that way I can rent single player games, and not feel like I’m wasting money. I really want to try Metroid 3 for the Wii. Also, tonight I am cooking pesto, because I rule. Later.


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