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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Get Me Out of Here

Posted by deckard47 on June 1, 2008

Quick post this time, as I often write. I’m absolutely stunned, by the selfishness, unintentional cruelty, and petty grasping exhibited by some people. As Nick Cave would say, people just ain’t no good. I guess I figured this all along, but this weekend, I’ve figured out how true it is. People are just bad, in many ways.

Otherwise, The Wire Season 2 is quite excellent, Run Lola Run is awful when it is dubbed in English. I’m looking forward to getting back into Mass Effect (my good and virtuous new spacer is the antithesis of her alter ego, my first heroin), and Warhawk still calls to me. I you see deckard47 1, 2, and 3 flying around the Archipelago, look the fuck out.


One Response to “Get Me Out of Here”

  1. Sam said

    We want a Wii update!

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