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Posted by deckard47 on May 28, 2008

It’s time to actually do something, break out of self-imposed writing stupor. This shouldn’t be quite so difficult, but I’m a lazy young person, what can I say. There is a video up for a new game, Venetica. It looks quite cool, it seems to be set in some somewhat far off locale (South Eastern Europe?), and the heroine is only mildly improbably attired. I have absolutely no idea what kind of game it is (Action/Adeventure RPG?), but it looks interesting. I really want it to be good, like many things which aren’t.

Next up, the Penny Arcade game. It’s nice to look at, the writing is funny (although curiously, the funniest writing is apparent in dialogue not produced by Gabe and Tycho in game). The combat is fun, but I can’t for the life of me time the blocks to work out right. The Super Fruit Fuckers (not the regular variety) keep on rocking me (specifically the ones who pop out of the briefcase). Aside from that, all of my favorite characters (Annarchy and Thomas Kemper) are present, which is nice. I would recommend it to people who like PA, and people who like RPGs. Plus, the music and art are very pretty.

This next is a bit random. I was visiting IGN today, when I saw an add from a game called “Death Jr.: Root of Evil.” I have no idea what this game is about, but it appears to feature Death’s son, who has accidentally released a malignant spirit…? Cool. It looks like Psychonauts (visually), but I like the visuals so much, I’m already interested.

Now of course there is Guitar Hero 4: Rock Band Edition, which looks, well, like Rock Band. It looks to have the same look and feel as Guitar Hero (which I detest), along with the ability to play drums, sing, and make (vocal-less) songs. Neato. We’ll see how it all turns out, I guess.

That’s all the big stuff. Left 4 Dead is coming out in November (Owen and I can play it on our computers, good times). I guess there is a more “full” version of Gears of War coming out. Might pick it up? I guess Alone in the Dark 4 is supposed to be pretty cool? Apparently, Phil Harrison and company are done with deep single player games. Tool.

I guess that’s it. I guess I’m going to go watch State of Play now (which rocks). I think I’ll write something about the other games I’ve been playing (Penny Arcade, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Sneaks, Dragon Quest VIII, Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb, and other exciting titles), but especially Warhawk. Let me just say that having splitscreen online co-op is a fucking brilliant idea. Oh, and when the game is as good as Warhawk is? It’s an even better idea. Fantastic, actually. Until next time.


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