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Back to Work

Posted by deckard47 on May 15, 2008

The title of this post would be true, excepting the fact that I have no school work left. Sweet. I just got back from Senior Week, which was fun and all, but it looks like a lot of stuff happened. So, quickly, I’ll try and sum up all of the interesting things that came up in the last few days.

This is probably the most important piece of news out there: a Beyond Good and Evil sequel is in the works, and has been for a year. BUT, Ubisoft is worried about putting too much effort into it (because, you know, it isn’t, popular, or anything, right?), and the team prepping it right now is around 10 people…. Argh.

To follow up that good news, we have some bad news. A gamer with the XBL tag “theGAYERgamer” had his account banned, because as put by a Microsoft rep:

Gamertags are visible to everyone and it would be hard for me to defend to a parent of a young child who saw it that the name did not contain content of a sexual nature.

Really? What about “smokinBLUNTZ420” or “xxxPimpKrizazyxxx” or the other fantastic Live names we all know. Maybe those are cool because… wait it’s the same thing, but heterosexual innuendo and comments get the benifit of the doubt. They do say that:

To answer the question another way, yes “TheStraighterGamer” or “TheHeterosexualgamer” would have gotten the same treatment and would have been found to be in violation and forced to be changed. We’ve actually done that to tags like that before.

But honestly, they can’t be banned that much, cause I see them all over. Maybe the answer is, it’s a little bit (or a lot, if you ask me) more ok for people to advertise their Sexy Blunt action or their Total Unimpeachable Straightness than it is to say advertise that they’re gay. Maybe. Here’s the link to the whole thing, courtesy of Kotaku.

Next, Brainy Gamer and Lesbian Gamers combined to write a piece about gamers, their hostile nature, and whether or not we need to change that nature (and regardless of how diverse gamers are, there’s a lot about gamer “culture” that needs to change, obviously). I wish I could read the piece, but the link is broken. Here’s Kotaku’s plug for it, it’s all I can get. I bet it’s a really interesting read though.

Gears of War 2 has some new videos up, and I have to say, they don’t look terribly interesting. I guess now you can hold giant struggling lizard characters as shields? This game is just so unoriginal, it’s hard to understand its popularity, even as a multiplayer offering, it suffers in comparison to so many others. This just looks like the same thing, but it rips off Return of the Jedi and The Return of the King at the same time. Whatever.

Next, no Force Unleashes on the PC. For absolutely no reason. Because PC’s are different from each other? Oh nos. Other people got around it. “Because” is the reason, apparently.

Here is a write-up about this new RTS/Card Game. I’m really intrigued by the idea. You draw your army from a deck you create through single player exploits, and you can trade for new cards online with other players. Cool. Now I just want to go buy Culdcept Saga for the 360.

There’s some concept art up for RE5, showing a new character (I assume, these are screen taken from a Japanese mag, Famitsu). She looks decidedly not white, which is interesting for the Resident Evil games. I’m still against RE5, but it would be interesting to see their first WoC protagonist (even if she isn’t the main one). Although, in true Capcom fashion, she’s dressed for combat, albeit in a kind of ludicrous fashion. It’s not Soul Caliber 4, I guess. Really, this could be a good thing, cross your fingers?

Finally, Gore Verbinsky will direct the Bioshock movie, maybe. Interesting… And, Guitar Hero 4 will have a microphone, a son creator (no vocals though), and a drum set that is slightly different than Rock Band’s. Give them credit, I guess.

That’s all, buhbye.


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  1. carol said
    It’s there under May 09, isn’t it?
    And it’s somewhat short to be called an “essay”… maybe more like “talking points” for the community.

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