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Conspiracies and Prestige Mode

Posted by deckard47 on May 5, 2008

I just got back from my Modern Europe final, and despite having 3 essays due in the next 2 days, I of course sat down to try out the Bourne Conspiracy demo. As Owen correctly pointed out to me, this game is mostly punching guys in the face and crotch, a lot. Do I mind? Kind of. The shooting seems a bit clunky to me, as does the cover system. It’s the exact same problem I had with GTA IV’s cover + shooting system: they’re both too slow for me, and not nearly fluid enough. I just keep on comparing them to Drake’s Fortune in my head. Remember in that game, how you can be pressed up against cover, and press a button to spin out (or jump over) from behind cover and charge forward? That was amazing. Maybe I haven’t played enough cover/shooting games (like R6: Vegas and Gears of War), but if Drake’s Fortune is the only game to get it right, that’s sad.

Besides the shooting problems, I liked the demo. They’ve got that super-intense Bourne fight music down (I want to go watch all of the movies now), and the game looks like the movies. However, I think the guy voicing Bourne sounds silly. I want Matt Damon. I know, this is “Ludlum’s Bourne,” plus Matt Damon hates violent games (but not violent movies….?), but he just sounds right.

Of course, the combat is fun, and finishing moves are awesome. Still, the x, x, x, or y, y, y combos are pretty simple. I kept on trying the x+y, x+y, x+y combos, but my thumb hurt too much. Maybe it’s cause I just wrote a final in class? Whatever, unless you have very large thumbs (I have pretty big ones) or are Hrithik Roshan, the power attacks could be tough. Oh, that reminds me:

Cool guy jones, how did that get in here? Anyway, the demo is pretty good, it just seems a bit shallow. Just a lot of punching… We’ll see.

Other than that, I am presently lvl. 55 in COD4, and am moving my way toward Prestige Mode, and having to level up all over again. Yay! Finally, I was rebuked for not using codenames for everyone on the site, and that mistake has now been corrected. Now, it’s time to write about Gershon Shafir, and wish Ihad a Wii so I could play Boom Blox.


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